Vegas Vixens

Viva Las Vegas!

 A city for the ladies

Vegas is a city you should visit once while you’re still a young buck. Flying over this mirage in the middle of the desert, you realize why Vegas is a city where sleep is overrated, and as soon as you step off the plane you begin to grasp why it’s truly the city of sin.

This city immediately offers ample opportunity to gamble your life away, in more ways than one.  Vegas is no prude. She flaunts everything she has to offer from your first site of her to your last. Literally your first sight in the Vegas airport is row after row of slot machines.  It is quite easy to get swept away with her bright lights and seductress ways–oh it’s just one pull.

View from the strip.

If you’ve been here, you understand, Vegas is larger than life—bigger than my life at least. Everyone and every thing here is over the tip top—hotels that would swallow my small town, bodies with more plastic than Miss Barbie herself, clubs that stay open as long as some body is dancing to the DJ’s beats.  It is the fantasy land where adults go to gamble their hard earned money, dance like a go-go dancer, and live in lavishness. Vegas offers casinos, night clubs, pool parties, extravagant hotels, night time shows, VIP service—I could go on and on.

Take advantage of all Vegas has to offer from sunrise to sunset, especially if you’re young, cute, and a ladddddddy.

View from the Marquee.

Here are just a few reasons Vegas is just the place for you to live like a rock star princess. 

Promoters here are scouting for you pretty little ladies. No seriously, they’re hired to lure you to their club,and paid the moment you step through the door. I consider it as a win -win situation.  They get paid, you’re treated like a VIP– free drinks, bottle service, and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a few B-list celebrities.

But really in Vegas, every night is like your own personal episode of TMZ and I’m sure when you go, you will have your very own celeb sneak peeks.

My trip included these sightings:

At Wet Republic, we partied in VIP with TJ Ford from the Indiana Pacers, right beside Miss Audrina Patridge’s Cabana (which was roped off even in the VIP section, what a big shot you are Audrina). TJ Ford was celebrating his bachelor party, and all I have to say is I hope his finance’ is marrying him for his money because he sure did follow the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” policy. As for Audrina, she was always my favorite on the Hills, and she looked wonderful on her bday!  Her friends looked like they just rolled out of a strip club or biker gang.  I didn’t try to meet her, but if you were bold enough I’m sure you could have.

Wet Republic VIP.

At Encore Beach Club,we heard some crazy beats from Lil John. I loved that he had his own look-a-like mascot. Something only, an over the top rapster could pull off.  I’m not into DJ’s, but I loved when he and  DJ Steve Aoki collaborated together. I felt like I could dance the day away, and for the most part, I did.

Lil John Mascot

At XS, in the Wynn, we partied with Shaun Phillips (mostly just his entourage) from the San Diego Chargers. XS really went over the top for his birthday. Go-go dancers sporting his jersey, photos everywhere, and even a parade in the middle of the dance floor at one point.  Later we partied with the entourage at the Flamingo.

Did I know who most of these players were? Nope, but hey it adds a little flavor to my story.  Truly though, this place is meant to make every girl feel like a little diva. So bask in the lime light for a bit  (I recommend only three days), enjoy the freebies, and most of all have fun, fun, fun!!!

On the way to XS.

Here are some recommendations to ensure you live it up, desert damsels!

  1. Dance and sunbathe at an Encore Beach Club party. This place offers upscale service, a classy scene, and great DJ’s beats (I’m not even into the clubscene and I loved listening and dancing the day away).

    Encore Beach Club

  2. Feel posh for a night  at XS in the Wynn. Large dance floor, awesome go-go dancers (I loved them!), and luxurious setting both indoor and outdoor.

XS in full swing.

 3.   Marquee night club in the Cosmopolitan offers the best view of the city, multiple dance floors, huge out door pool area, and even a billiard room for you gentlemen.

Lastly ladies, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from our magician cab driver (yes, he did pull a quarter out of my friend Natalie’s ear), “Don’t accept drinks from anyone but your bartender, and be careful when crossing the busy streets in Vegas.”  Amen, sistah.



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3 responses to “Vegas Vixens

  1. genna

    Vegas tries to win, but we always come out on top!!

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