Dear Pudge Rodriguez, will you please sign my baseball?

Dear Pudge Rodriguez,

You are the catcher of my eye, and I am the catcher of your baseball.

With you out there, home plate becomes an unwavering wall.

Some onlookers may ask, why is Mr. Ivan Rodriguez Torres the baseball player for you?

And I will say, “Hmmm let me just name a few,”

He became the youngest catcher in Major League Baseball catching at age 19,  he set the MLB record by catching his 2,227th game, and by throwing out 48% of attempted base stealers, he makes those base burglars cry.

On one lucky night when you hit that ball so high,

I became one of the cherished holders of a foul ball hit by you.

So, Pudge Rodriguez, will you please sign my baseball? It will only take a minute or two.

Please oh please,  do this small favor for your biggest fan of all!

You are the catcher of my eye, and I am the catcher of your baseball.

Foul Ball

Foul Ball hit by Pudge Rodriguez!

For you baseball lovers, 

here are a  few things you should know when visiting Nationals Park:

Check the Nat’s schedule before you buy your tickets–The Nat’s have certain days they give away freebie souvenirs, like bobble heads, mugs, and tee shirts (Brian lovvves them!).

Enjoy the yummy baseball food and a beverage of course –My two personal favorite areas to frequent are The Bull Pen and the Miller Lite Scoreboard. The Bull Pen  (located outside the park) has cheaper drinks, usually a live band, and cornhole. The Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk just opened up some great eateries, Shake Shack and Taqueria. I just tried my first Shake Shack burger (gasp no hotdog at a baseball game?!?) and it lived up to my expectations. Usually up here they have music, and on weekends the bar has $5 domestic beers before the game (cheap for a baseball game).

Try to get on the jumbo screen somehow– I made it on a Nike trivia game last time I went. You feel like a celebrity for the rest of the game 🙂 Ways to get on the big screen include:  kissing your special someone during the “kiss cam”, acting like a fool during one of their dance sequences, or wearing all your best Nat’s gear so you’re picked for a game.

jumbo screen at National Park

On the Jumbo Screen!

Get to know the players! –It’s more fun to cheer for them (or heckle opposing players).

Support the troops–The injured soldiers from Walter Reid Hospital are rightfully recognized at every game, so bring your clapping hands and prepare your ears to listen to “Proud to be an American”.

pudge rodriguez

Go Pudge!

If you wanna foul ball–It always helps to charm the ball girl.

Presidents Race– During the middle of the game the 4 president mascots race each other, Washington,  Lincoln, Jefferson and Teddy.  Insider tip, don’t bet on Teddy.

president race

President's Race!

Buy some peanuts and cracker jacks–Bring cash to buy hotdogs, beer, peanuts, and cracker jacks from the walking vendors.

Get your hats, get your hats—Never buy a $10 hat entering the game cause they’re $5 hats when you leave.

Nationals Season Tickets

Season Tickets Holder big deal.

I’m pretty lucky he has season tickets 🙂


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