Chicago Canoe Trip

canoe trip

Here are the top reasons I just loved Canoe Trip:

The more fabulous flair the better.  On America’s birthday, patriotic flair is the only flair.

canoe trip flair

All dogs go to heaven, but only one dog named Gracie can lifeguard on the mighty Fox River.

fourth of july dog

Cracker Barrel is A LOT creepier in Illinois. . . and so is Grandpa’s garage.

grandpas garage

A 12 mile canoe trip is about 6 miles too long and about 6 beers too much for this kid (or maybe I just need to man up).

straight arm

Cliff jumping is just as fun the fourth time as it is the first time.  Seriously, that cliff is like 35 feet high.  We live on the edge…literally.

cliff jumping

It is possible to stuff a whole burrito in your mouth (at least in J. Read’s) and not choke.


Dynamite, yes dynamite,  is readily available at the campground.

chicago canoe trip

Cheese puffs do suffice as a major food group.

cheese puffs

Colin is now in the pee barrel trading business.

walmart trip

The British are coming, but don’t worry Andy will warn all of you with a cow bell. This American + Cowbell = Our Blessed Country Saved.

Paul Revere

A scalding hot dog is the best defense for a tag team fight.

Row, row, row your boat down the Mighty Fox,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, canoe trip really rocks!

After reading this, I’m sure you’d just looovve to have your very own canoe trip. Check out Ayers Landing in Wedron, IL and get foxy.

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