Floatin’, floatin’, floatin’ on the Rivah.

Floating at Harpers Ferry

It’s around 100 degrees out right now and all I can think about is…water…lotttttttts of it. I may be one of the few out there who actually loves the summer heat. I guess growing up in Richmond, Virginia I’m kinda used to the scorching temps and humidity by now.

So you know what has water….lottttttts of it? A river. You know what’s fun to do on a river? Float down it.

I love the activities summer brings along and this trip included a few of my favorite summer traditions, floating, day drinking, and bbqing.

Me and the boys at Harper's Ferry

Floatin' on down the river.

floating down harpers ferry

To float or not to float.

A month or so ago some friends and I  traveled to our friendly cousin state (whose residents are also known for being more than friendly with their cousins…just kidding West Virginia…who I am kidding people in West Virginia don’t have the internet… okay okay I’ll stop:) ) floated on down the wet and wild Shenandoah River located in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

Living Social sure did create a trip fit for smooth floating.  With every detail planned for the day, it was quite easy to enjoy this adventure.  They picked us up in charter bus right down the road in Rosslyn, bused us out to West Virginia,  provided floats from Butts Tubes (haha. really the name), and even some BBQ to satisfy our beer filled tummies. And hey, everyone likes getting a deal!

harpers ferry floating trip

Some river fun!

floating at harpers ferry

Cute 🙂

floating at harpers ferry

Floating like a champ.

 My recommendations for your own river adventure:

  • Bring rope to tie all your tubes together. It makes it more fun floating with your friends.
  • There are rocks, so wear your river shoes.
  • Bring canned beer and your favorite coozie… no bottles allowed on the river.
  • Rent an extra raft to hold your beer cooler.
  • Harper’s Ferry is about 1.5 hours away from Washington, D.C. so if everyone wants to enjoy day drinking, rent a bus.
  • If you can’t swim…you should prob learn how…but don’t worry most of the river never gets above 4ft.
  • If you’re drinking on the river,  it’s always a good idea to wear a life vest (or floaties).

So slather on your spf, jump in some cool water, and let the day float away!!!

Hope you’re having a water-filled weekend 🙂



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2 responses to “Floatin’, floatin’, floatin’ on the Rivah.

  1. Claire

    I found it!!!!! 🙂 super cute we go to harpers ferry every summer we just went 3 weeks ago 🙂

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