A D.C. food truck huddle.

On Friday night I attempted my second entrance into Truckeroo and this time was successful! Walking in, I loved the fun atmosphere with the bands jamming in the front, easy access to beer stands, picnic tables lined down the center, and, of course, food trucks huddled around serving out their fadtastic food.

truckeroo dc

yum, yum.

truckeroo crowd

Jam packed Truckeroo.

Being a D.C. food truck first timer, I decided to peruse the area before locking in my decision. With each new food truck I passed, I was taken away by their unique aromas. Led by my olfactory senses, I traveled from Mexico to Korea, to the Maryland seaside, and finally landed the ‘Becca Airline’ in Hawaii at the Hulu Girl Truck. 

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. It was my first big trip with Brian and the place I realized I loved him. Aloha ‘oe, aloha ‘oe…excuse me, excuse me, I got side tracked.

I just thought this vintage style truck was adorable. Even though we were in the middle of D.C. this truck personified the beach feel I just lllloooove (and miss).

Knowing that we would wait in line, my friend Megs and I grabbed a couple beers to help the time pass more quickly. After waiting about an hour,  I ordered my very first sandwich from my very first food truck.

I ordered the $8 Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich on crunchy ciabatta with cucumbers, greens, cilantro, pickled carrots & daikon with spicy mayo. Click here if you’d like to see their full menu.

After ordering and while waiting for my sandwich to arrive at the next window, I started chatting with the owner of Hulu Girl. Man was she sure working hard! I found out they’re only two weeks old and this was their very first Truckeroo! Just like me!

After taking the first bite of my sammy, I was impressed with the unique asian flavor, and it was big enough to save half for lunch the next day. Score!

Thanks Hulu Girl for ‘bringing a taste of the Hawaiian Islands to DC’ !

If you’d like to try these Hawaiian eats before the next Truckeroo, click here to view their daily schedule on facebook.

Truckeroo dc

Me & Megs

hulu girl food truck dc

hulu girl food truck

hulu girl food truck

love this cook book!

hulu girl food truck

My asian influenced sammie.

Some Truckeroo info just for you: 

  • Don’t you worry if you haven’t attended a Truckeroo yet. There are still 2 more festivals left in September and October.
  • Its located at: Half and M St, SE Washington DC, across from the Navy Yard Metro Station.
  • Arrive early to beat the lines. It opens at 11 am but if you can get there around 5 pm you should beat most lines! If you want something from the more popular food trucks, you may want to go even earlier.
  • Bring cash! However, some trucks do accept debit/credit cards.
  • Do some research before hand to figure out which food trucks you’d like to hit. Click here to see the full list of food trucks at Truckeroo.
  • Grab a beer (or two) before you wait in line.
  • Bring a blanket to sit on, as the picnic tables fill up quickly.

Aloha and keep on truckin’!


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