Screen on the Green

Thankful Tuesdays

Today I’m thankful for warm, Hurricane/Tropical-Storm-Irene free summer nights.  As much as I hate to admit it,  summer is quickly dwindling away, so I plan to spend as much of my time outside as I can. When I arrive home after work, I love relaxing outside on my balcony, walking wherever I can, and going on long evening runs.

A few Mondays ago some friends and I enjoyed a cherished D.C. summertime event, Screen on the Green.  This month long movie festival starts in July and shows classic movies (I’ve seen Bonnie & Clyde and Cool Hand Luke) on Mondays nights on the National Mall.

screen on the green

Screen on the Green

We arrived about 45 minutes before the movie and enjoyed lounging on our blanket, snacking on crackers, and sipping on wine.  As the surrounding lights dimmed down, the screen illuminated with the featured movie, and the Washington monuments shined brightly in the background, I knew this was one of those unique moments only Washingtonians are lucky enough to experience. My favorite part of this summer time tradition is the movie warm up. Everyone stands up and jumps around like they’re at a rock concert (hey, we’ve already been sitting for close to an hour). It’s the perfect way to get your blood flowing and everyone excited for the movie to follow.

Screen on the Green DC

Enjoying the warm summer night.

I hope you enjoy your last summer nights of the season. 


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