Adouring Washington D.C.’s Restaraunt Week 2011

Brian and I always visit at least one restaurant during D.C. Restaurant Week, which occurs twice a year sometime around January and August.

It’s the perfect excuse to get all snazzed up for an oh-so-romantic-date-night.

There are over 200 restaurants that participate in this week, so it can be a overwhelming picking just one or two places to dine. Brian and I usually consult Washingtonian’s Top Restaurant list to help narrow down our selection.

This year the second restaurant week took place August 15th-21st, but some of the more popular restaurants extend their deals until the following week.

Ranking number 5 on the Washingtonian list, Brian and I chose the upscale Adour Restaurant located in the pristine St. Regis Hotel.

Here are a few photos, I found online of the restaruant so you can visualize just how beautifully designed this place truly is:

adour dc main entrance

Main entrance into the restaurant.

adour dc

The main dining area.

adour dc main dining ara

Another beautiful shot of the dining area.

Just a short walk from Brian’s house, we arrived 30 minutes early to enjoy a dirty ‘tini, with blue cheese stuffed olives at the tres chic bar.

When we sat down to dinner about 15 minutes later, looking around, slowly sipping on my martini, I felt so posh in this modern, Parisian D.C.  restaurant. Even with the restaurant week extension, the earliest time opening was 9 p.m. I tried my best all day to eat lightly so I could enjoy the meal. Needless to say, I was starrrving!  With an empty tummy (now full of a dirty martini)  I sure was thankful when complimentary gougères (a warm cheesy, flaky,  pastry) were promptly delivered by our server.

It’s always nice to be wined and dined and here at Adour, wined and dined we were. From the seamless service, to the mouth watering food which featured wild salmon, a delicious paired wine picked by the sommelier (la de da), to the perfectly selected sweet financiers which peeked my taste buds for the finale,  a coffee dessert (always a 10 for this gal with a huge sweet tooth and an addiction to java).

My favorite part of the three course meal was… the company 🙂

Walking home in the evening air with Brian was a lovely end to our upscale date night.

adour dc

In the St. Regis lobby.

I hope you can have a taste of each and every restaurant week D.C. offers!


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