Strasburg’s Triumphant Return

 1-2-3-Strasburg is back in the ‘ol ball game!

stephen strasburg

He isssss back!

On Tuesday night Brian and I watched the triumphant return of Mister  Stephen Strasburg!

I was disappointed last year when he injured himself before I could stand amongst the enthralled fellow Nationals fans and cheer him on.  After waiting more than a year to see the much talked about rookie pitcher, my hopes were higher than high.

Through the wind and rain, Strasburg pitched his famous fast balls with the  control of a mature big leauger. I think this comment describes his new level of control best,

“A lot has changed since the surgeons tore open his magnificent right arm and rebuilt the ulnar collateral ligament with one most likely stronger than before. He has learned to pitch rather than trying to heave every fastball by hitters in an attempt to show some macho muscle. This much you could see in the five innings he stifled the Los Angeles Dodgers in his first big league game in more than a year.

He pitched like a man older than his 23 years, one who wasted nothing – relying on the strength of his fastball and slider to get hitters out. Few pitchers have what he possesses: a roaring, dancing fastball and tantalizing change up. He doesn’t need to fire every pitch past every batter. His pitches are good enough for hitters to get themselves out.”

Even though the weather was grim, with the cheers and incessant standing, it was easy to see Nationals fans’ collective disposition was quite sunny; happy to have their Strasburg back. He pitched 5 great shutout innings before retiring to the dugout.

The Nationals walked away with a loss against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but in this fan’s eyes Strasburg walked away with a victorious return!

nats shirt

Brian got a freee shirt!

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