Great Flood in Great Falls

Thankful Tuesdays…one day late.

This week I’m thankful mother nature has decided to rest her weary, crying eyes to bring us some sunshine.

Last week I was pretty shocked at the shear strength of a hard rain fall. When my friend Meredith informed me that not only was Georgetown Pike closed due to flooding but also Route 7,  I thought she was just plotting to have a slumber party.  Quickly remembering she was the sole reason I was not stuck in my car for 10 hours during DC Snowpocalypse 2011, I re-evaluated (thanks again for sending me home early).  Needless to say,  she’s the more weather-informed of us two.

Once again, Meredith and her husband, Adam saved me from my weather woes.  Playing the knight and shining armor, Adam swiftly swooped us up from work in his pick-up truck. Driving home there was of course traffic, which is normal any time it rains in Virginia. What wasn’t normal though was the Potomac River running through Route 7!

After an hour of taking detours, we successfully made it home. I was happy to be dry, safe, and spend some much needed time with friends. Thanks again Meredith and Adam for saving me!

Here’s a link to some more crazy flood photos from the area and some safety tips for flash flooding.

great falls flood

River washing across Georgetown Pike a few moments before a car caught on fire.

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