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Give me a good reason to dress up in costume and I’m there in heart beat. So as you can imagine Halloween is right up my ally. I usually gravitate towards the  funnier costumes. Personally, dressing up as a sexy (insert here) just isn’t as entertaining. I think three years of themed sorority parties such as pimps and hoes, anything but clothes, and skimpy toga parties really helped to wear off the  “barely there costume” novelty.  As a “grown up” 25 year old (ha!) I would much rather mask myself in something imaginative/witty/hilarious than prance around showing off my lady lumps and bum bum de dum bum bum.

Some of my personal favorite costumes from the past few years are:

oompa loompa halloween costume

on a boat costume

baby monkey and pig youtube

up costume

This year I dressed up as a Crazy Cat Lady and Brian as Mayhem from the Allstate commercials. I’m already slightly crazy, so I just needed to add a few cats to the equation and ta da….my inner crazy cat lady was released! I loved Brian’s costume mainly because he looks quite dashing in a suit and more importantly I got to doll him up with makeup…for his oh so manly bruises of course.  I think he loved it because he had the perfect excuse to wreck havoc for a night.

crazy cat lady

Editorial Note: I fully intend to adopt one cat some day soon…  Having one or two cats does not you crazy. Having 36, yes. Brian hates this idea. It’s okay,  I plan to distract him with an adorably cute bull dog like this one. I think I could get by with a few months without him noticing.

floyd the bulldog

On Friday, we started the night sipping some ghoulish cider at Brian’s and then later attended the Brightest Young Thing’s hipster-filled event at the Newseum. Funny I didn’t think they would celebrate a holiday so mainstream…. Oh I get it. Since everyone expects them to not celebrate, it’s actually ironic they do…tricky tricky logic.

For a night the Newseum was transformed into a raging party machine,  Mayhem struck it big on the dance floor, and the Crazy Cat lady took on a side job as a newscaster.

newseum halloween night

The next night one Yankee, pillow pet, bat girl, Rebecca Black (of Youtube video “Friday” fame), and “I dream of jeannie” went out for some more Halloween fun at Clarendon Grill and later taxied over to H Street for some bar hopping/adult trick-or treating.

clarendon and h street halloween


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25th Dupont Drag Queen High Heel Race

This event was a fabulous display of diva attitude and over the top glam style. I was in love and honestly a little flabbergasted by these women who crafted creatively  intricate costumes,  strutted their stuff better than I ever could, and actually ran in some SERIOUS high heels without completely wiping out. As a life long clumsy individual, I view this is as an amazing feet. imadork.

drag queen race

If you plan to attend this annual event held in October, I recommend arriving around 7 p.m. to grab an ideal spot on 17th somewhere between P & S Street. There are a few bars on 17th, so you can always stop and have a cocktail to pass the time.  But really get there early because “the strutting” up and down 17th is the best part.

The queens stopped to pose for many photos and just loved the attention from the crowd.  Thanks to my especially eager friend Jenny, we crashed photos with everyone from Lady Ga Ga to Tina Turner. What can I say, the attention from the crowd was contagious and we’re fabulous too, so why not!?

drag queen high heel rac

The race started around 9 p.m and only lasted for about 5 minutes. Some queens ran, most strutted, only one fell (for show), and the whole crowd went wild.

drag queen high heel race

I’ve been just absolutely dyyyying (too dramatic?..not for the queens) to go to this event since I moved here and I’m glad I can now mark it off my D.C. bucket list. Dupont Drag Queen High Heel Race.

I was hoping I would walk away with a new gay husband, but was sadly unsuccessful…a girl can still dream.

Click here to view more photos and see more fierceness.

drag queen high heel race

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Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Autumn is by far my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, breaking out favorite fall jackets,  celebrating fall holidays, and spotting pumpkin items everywhere. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin beer,  pumpkin bread, and of course the real deal pumpkins.

Last year Brian and I traveled to a pumpkin patch in Middletown, Maryland called Jumbos.  We went on a hayride or two, successfully made our way through a corn maze, picked the perfect pumpkin, and almost fought a couple mean alpacas.

If you ever have an encounter with an alpaca don’t let their soft appearance fool you. They’re super temperamental. I almost had my shin taken out by one when he tried to kick me! Jerk. Lucky for me he missed and my leg was spared.  He couldn’t stop whining after though and kept making this noise close to a, “Meeeehhhhhh!” Whinny, kicking jerk.

pumpkin patch collage

pumpkin fun

This year we didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch, but I didn’t let that kill my pumpkin creativity. I was inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere’s  pumpkin wildflower bouquet and decided to craft my own.

I began by cutting a large enough hole in the top of the pumpkin to fit a bowl inside and then brutally gutted its insides (sorry pumpkin). Once I massacred the innocent pumpkin, I placed a bowl inside, and filled it water to keep my flowers fresh. I filled my pumpkin with an assortment of flowers found at a local gourmet grocery store, other wise known as Safeway.

This makes a great center piece and instantly brings a touch of Autumn into your home.


Make sure to keep the pumpkin seeds. They make a delicious, easy, Fall snack.

  • Rinse the seeds with water
  • Place these babies on a cookie sheet
  • Sprinkle a little salt and olive oil
  • Bake them in the oven at 325 degrees for 25 minutes. Make sure to stir them around a couple times while baking so they don’t burn

Presto! Roasted pumpkin seeds!


pumpkin flower arrangement

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JMU Homecoming

You wish you had a Duke Dog. Oh Ah.

I always try to make it to one JMU game a season. My friend Caitlin lives in Harrisonburg, so I never feel like an ol’ fart alumni staying in a fancy pants hotel (like Motel 6). Instead she graciously supplies 34534  air mattresses to her closet friends and we all crash at her place. It keeps us young 🙂  And Cait is honestly the best hostess I know. She always makes cinnamon buns and pigs in a blanket for breakfast, or some other equally delicious dish to feed the starving, hungover 500 or so guests staying at her place. Soooo Cait,  if you and Adam need a  another room mate…I already have my bags packed.jmu duke dogs

This year we cruised down scenic 81 for JMU’s homecoming game. It was Brian’s first JMU game, so I knew I had to show him that although we are smaller in size, we are mighty in awesome awesomeness. We began the day tailgating, watched JMU dominate against U of R in our brand spanking new stadium (watch out ‘Big House’, we’re catching up), and continued our celebration to Harrisonburg’s downtown.   I love some of the new bars they have downtown. We had an impromptu bar crawl (which is exactly what we needed after tailgating), starting at Billy Jack’s, progressing to  Jack Brown’s,  and ending the night burning holes in the dance floor at Artful Dodger.

jmu tailgate

jmu homecoming 2011

I had a blast seeing friends and showing Brian around my alma mater (he is now the proud owner of his first JMU shirt). And walking away with a victory is always nice too.

jmu homecoming 2011

Go Dukes!!!

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