JMU Homecoming

You wish you had a Duke Dog. Oh Ah.

I always try to make it to one JMU game a season. My friend Caitlin lives in Harrisonburg, so I never feel like an ol’ fart alumni staying in a fancy pants hotel (like Motel 6). Instead she graciously supplies 34534  air mattresses to her closet friends and we all crash at her place. It keeps us young 🙂  And Cait is honestly the best hostess I know. She always makes cinnamon buns and pigs in a blanket for breakfast, or some other equally delicious dish to feed the starving, hungover 500 or so guests staying at her place. Soooo Cait,  if you and Adam need a  another room mate…I already have my bags packed.jmu duke dogs

This year we cruised down scenic 81 for JMU’s homecoming game. It was Brian’s first JMU game, so I knew I had to show him that although we are smaller in size, we are mighty in awesome awesomeness. We began the day tailgating, watched JMU dominate against U of R in our brand spanking new stadium (watch out ‘Big House’, we’re catching up), and continued our celebration to Harrisonburg’s downtown.   I love some of the new bars they have downtown. We had an impromptu bar crawl (which is exactly what we needed after tailgating), starting at Billy Jack’s, progressing to  Jack Brown’s,  and ending the night burning holes in the dance floor at Artful Dodger.

jmu tailgate

jmu homecoming 2011

I had a blast seeing friends and showing Brian around my alma mater (he is now the proud owner of his first JMU shirt). And walking away with a victory is always nice too.

jmu homecoming 2011

Go Dukes!!!


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