25th Dupont Drag Queen High Heel Race

This event was a fabulous display of diva attitude and over the top glam style. I was in love and honestly a little flabbergasted by these women who crafted creatively  intricate costumes,  strutted their stuff better than I ever could, and actually ran in some SERIOUS high heels without completely wiping out. As a life long clumsy individual, I view this is as an amazing feet. imadork.

drag queen race

If you plan to attend this annual event held in October, I recommend arriving around 7 p.m. to grab an ideal spot on 17th somewhere between P & S Street. There are a few bars on 17th, so you can always stop and have a cocktail to pass the time.  But really get there early because “the strutting” up and down 17th is the best part.

The queens stopped to pose for many photos and just loved the attention from the crowd.  Thanks to my especially eager friend Jenny, we crashed photos with everyone from Lady Ga Ga to Tina Turner. What can I say, the attention from the crowd was contagious and we’re fabulous too, so why not!?

drag queen high heel rac

The race started around 9 p.m and only lasted for about 5 minutes. Some queens ran, most strutted, only one fell (for show), and the whole crowd went wild.

drag queen high heel race

I’ve been just absolutely dyyyying (too dramatic?..not for the queens) to go to this event since I moved here and I’m glad I can now mark it off my D.C. bucket list. Dupont Drag Queen High Heel Race.

I was hoping I would walk away with a new gay husband, but was sadly unsuccessful…a girl can still dream.

Click here to view more photos and see more fierceness.

drag queen high heel race


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