Give me a good reason to dress up in costume and I’m there in heart beat. So as you can imagine Halloween is right up my ally. I usually gravitate towards the  funnier costumes. Personally, dressing up as a sexy (insert here) just isn’t as entertaining. I think three years of themed sorority parties such as pimps and hoes, anything but clothes, and skimpy toga parties really helped to wear off the  “barely there costume” novelty.  As a “grown up” 25 year old (ha!) I would much rather mask myself in something imaginative/witty/hilarious than prance around showing off my lady lumps and bum bum de dum bum bum.

Some of my personal favorite costumes from the past few years are:

oompa loompa halloween costume

on a boat costume

baby monkey and pig youtube

up costume

This year I dressed up as a Crazy Cat Lady and Brian as Mayhem from the Allstate commercials. I’m already slightly crazy, so I just needed to add a few cats to the equation and ta da….my inner crazy cat lady was released! I loved Brian’s costume mainly because he looks quite dashing in a suit and more importantly I got to doll him up with makeup…for his oh so manly bruises of course.  I think he loved it because he had the perfect excuse to wreck havoc for a night.

crazy cat lady

Editorial Note: I fully intend to adopt one cat some day soon…  Having one or two cats does not you crazy. Having 36, yes. Brian hates this idea. It’s okay,  I plan to distract him with an adorably cute bull dog like this one. I think I could get by with a few months without him noticing.

floyd the bulldog

On Friday, we started the night sipping some ghoulish cider at Brian’s and then later attended the Brightest Young Thing’s hipster-filled event at the Newseum. Funny I didn’t think they would celebrate a holiday so mainstream…. Oh I get it. Since everyone expects them to not celebrate, it’s actually ironic they do…tricky tricky logic.

For a night the Newseum was transformed into a raging party machine,  Mayhem struck it big on the dance floor, and the Crazy Cat lady took on a side job as a newscaster.

newseum halloween night

The next night one Yankee, pillow pet, bat girl, Rebecca Black (of Youtube video “Friday” fame), and “I dream of jeannie” went out for some more Halloween fun at Clarendon Grill and later taxied over to H Street for some bar hopping/adult trick-or treating.

clarendon and h street halloween


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