Love City, St. John

I recently went on an all girls trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. I’ve been a little slow writing a post about my trip. Well I’ve been slow about writing a post…period. I guess I’m still stuck on island time. Really though, I find it difficult to encompass an amazing trip in just a few short paragraphs. So here it goes skunts (you know who you are). Enjoy.

Girls Trip to St. John

Most of all, this trip made me grateful for good girl friends (especially ones that chose to live in tropical places). Somehow this trip came together in a matter of weeks. It seemed like each day I opened my email to another recruit committing to the trip. None of us wanted to miss out on a little adventure that only an all girls trip could bring.

Our four days in paradise were spent soaking up the warm island sun, lounging on pristine white sandy beaches, snorkeling, breaking a “waterproof” camera (oppsie), sipping on a cocktail or two, watching a “top ten”sunset,  and playing with a barbie doll named Jocelyn. She’s kinda the life of the party.

jocelyn st. john

Our four nights were spent drinking most of the rum on St. John, dancing the night away, mingling with a few locals, and hopping from bar to bar.

My recommendations for you:

If you’re twenty something and don’t want to spend $500 a night to stay at resort: Check out tripadvisor or vrbo. We stayed in an awesome condo, Serendip. Every morning we awoke to beautiful views of St. John.   Our group of 6 all stayed in one condo. The amenities I enjoyed most were the kitchen, the supply of snorkel gear and beach chairs.  The property manager was extremely accommodating as well. She even helped us at 5 am when we were locked at our our condo…our bad.

So many bays …Where to stay? If you’re twenty something and want close access to many bars,  Cruz Bay all the way.

cruz bay st. john

Your airplane landing: Be prepared. You can’t see the runway when you’re landing and it looks like you’re just gonna crash right into the water. For a nervous flyer…this is some scary *ish. So bring a change of pants and already have your apology written to your neighbor for awkwardly holding their hand.

Rent a Jeep: Cabs are expensive and you have more freedom riding around the island at your leisure. You can also enjoy the slight panic attack every time you realize you’re driving on the right side of the road which would be fine if you’re any where else in America but in this once British controlled island,  you’re supposed to be on the left. Which brings me to my next recommendation, make sure you have proper car insurance. We saw a lot of dented and totally wrecked jeeps in St. Thomas and St. John.

Check out the ferry schedule whether you’re in a car or just by yoself: We checked out this ferry schedule beforehand. We barely made it on the last car ferry and actually had to call the boat and convince them to wait for us. Yep they actually waited for us…you gotta love island time.

Visit as many bars as possible: My favorites in Cruz Bay are….

Take a day trip to Lampshire Bay:

We crammed into our trusty jeep and drove about 45 minutes through winding beach roads to this beach. I would recommend taking it easier the night before…riding on these roads hungover is not so fun.  On the ride there we were greeted by island wild life including billy goats, donkeys, and an iguana.  Lampshire was more secluded, had some great snorkeling, and on the way back we stopped at Skinny Legs. This is a great place to stop for a few drinks and pick up a few cute souvenirs in the surrounding shops.

Lampshire Bay St. John

My second trip to St. John was just as memorable as the first, and and I’m sure it won’t be my last. Bye for now Love City.

packing up_st. john

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2 responses to “Love City, St. John

  1. Girlfriend, I love your blog post! Thanks so much for the great shout out to Serendip (and your property manager). Also thank you for the great review on tripadvisor. We’d love to have you stay here again…4 am lockout and all. PS. I have a blog about island life. I post much less often these days. Anyway, check it out if you have the interest/desire.

    • Thanks chica! I had a blast in St. John and I loved Serendip. Wanted to make sure every one else knew just how great you are too. I´m hoping I can come back with my mom this year or next. Should be a calmer trip! I will check out your blog when I get back in the states. Right now I´m in Peru!!!!

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