North Wales Farm

Born and Raised

On Sunday, my mom and I took a drive to the farm I grew up on, North Wales Farm.

Visiting here always brings an ease over me and reminds me of a simpler time in my life when my biggest worry was making it home from my day’s adventures before dark.

In my little girl eyes, this farm was an endless play ground, filled with miles of country to explore. I can’t tell you the number of times I drove my mom’s old Buick down this dusty dirt road, sitting in her lap, feeling like I could conquer the world. Or how many times my cousins and I got into trouble, sneaking off to build forts in the woods.

Time passed slowly here and I spent as many hours outside as I could.

On Saturdays I loved watching hot air balloons land, one after another, always racing my bike to meet the balloon riders and celebrate their landing with champagne and apple juice (for me).

I think we had every animal a little girl could dream of from a pony named “Pretty Girl” to a billy goat named “Billy” (I know creative), even two guinea pigs named “Burt and Ernie”. I would regularly head down to the pasture and feed our ponies some of my m&m cookies.

We always had a huge garden in our back yard and I loved stealing tomatoes right off the vine, eating them just like apples.

Often I come back here in my day dreams and think of the many happy memories this place brought. I try to slow down time for just one moment and remember that I’m still that country girl simply exploring the world.

North Wales Farm

This ones my old house.

North Wales Farm

North Wales Farm Virginia

Tractor Tracks

North Wales Farm Virginia

My grandparents old house.

Also my parents got married right in the front yard.

North Wales Farm

North Wales Farm

North Wales Farm Virginia

North Wales Farm Virginia

North Wales Farm Caroline County

North Wales Farm Virginia

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5 responses to “North Wales Farm

  1. Hi! I ran across your blog when I was looking for information on North Wales Farm. I am actually a wedding/engagement photographer based in Mechanicsville and have an engagement shoot for a couple from Maryland coming up. I’m trying to find out if we could use the property for an hour to take some photos. I don’t know who to contact to ask if that’s ok. Do you have any ideas? I enjoyed your post and can’t even imagine how fun it must have been to spend your childhood on that farm! 🙂 thanks for any assistance you may be able to give! 🙂

    • So sorry I’m late responding to your comment! I must admit I have severely neglected my blog in August! I would try speaking with the caretaker who lives in the first white house. Last time I stopped by he was really nice and I’m sure he would show you the same courtesy. I believe the Reynold’s (of Reynold’s wrap) still own the farm so it may be difficult to reach them 🙂 I’ll speak with my mom as well to see if she still has any old contacts to pass along. Good luck with your photoshoot! And if you don’t mind, please post a link to your photos from the shoot on this blog post! I would love to see them.

  2. l.t. johnston

    as a response to north wales farm,about 8 plus yrs. ago,my self and a young lady completely restored(for the company we worked for) the white house on the hill past the maroon house,built in 1700.and also watched them raise and move the white frame house down to the entrance rd.truely an experience on both projects.we had the most fun on the one that we restored., we had lots of stories and discoveries in the process.dave is the caretaker there and i beleive he is still there

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I would love to hear your stories and discoveries in the white house! I grew up playing in that house (then the green house). Hide-and-seek in the basement always scared me 🙂 Email me at gypsysoulblog [at] gmail dot com.

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