Pacers Four Courts Four Miler

Pacers Four Courts Four Milers Race is a great reason to celebrate St. Patty’s day in an active way before you drink all those green pints. I mean that’s one main reason I run, to not feel guilty about my indulgences.

I was supposed to run this year, but I recently sprained my ankle running trails (I’m prob the clumsiest person you’ll meet), so I played team mom instead. Last year I ran the race in 35:05, this year I prob would’ve walked in a solid 1 hr time with my peeps in the 70-99 age group.

Pacers knows their stuff when it comes to running. Organization, freebies, and festivities are key to a race’s success.  The packet pick up that morning is a little crowded in Four Courts, but organized, and they keep you entertained with some live music.  Your race packet includes a St. Patty’s themed race tee and a beer ticket to redeem after the race. I’ve heard beer has the same positive recovery benefits as chocolate milk (source: some drunk college kid).

four courts four miler

Races centered around holidays bring out the best spirit and fun costumes. I loved seeing the sea of green run down Wilson Boulevard, while listening to the bag pipes play and the Irish dancers tap away.

The course is slightly challenging.  Savor the first mile down hill, cause the last mile is all uphill. After running that mile uphill it surely does feel like you’ve found a pot of gold crossing the finish line. Your bum looks pretty good too.

four courts four miler

Pacers also throws in a fun St. Patty’s day twist. One of Pacer’s sprinters, an Irish lad named Robbie Wade, starts the race 10 minutes after the start gun. He tries his best beat you to the finish line.  If you beat him, you win a prize (this year, a water bottle) but if he beats you Pacers donates a $1 to the Arlington County Police Benevolent Fund.

The race ends with a celebration at Four Courts with some live music and ale drinkin’.

My Four Courts Four Milers Recommendations for you:

  • Sign up early, this race has sold out since 2010 its conception.
  • Duh, wear green. If you’re a lady, I would suggest sparkly green tutus.
  • Train on hills.
  • Hire one of your friends to chase you while you run. You’ll be well prepared for beating the leprechaun.
  • If you want to beat the record, somehow start running 4:56 miles. I suggest strapping a jet pack to your back. Frank Devar set the record in 2011 running the race in 19:44.2…that’s 4:57 miles! Lindsay Ritchings set the record for the ladies  in 2010 running the race in 23:48…that’s 5:47 miles!

Check out the race page, Pacers Four Courts Four Milers.

Here are some action shots of Brian taken by Swim Bike Run Photography.

pacers four courts four miler

Pacers Four Courts Four Miler

Brian finished 52nd out of 1511 runners, 43rd  fastest male, and 17th in this age group!  He ran the race in 27:55, that’s 6:52 miles. He’s reallll fast and kinda a big deal…and he’s my boyfriend 🙂

I actually almost missed him running by because 1. I went and got coffee from Bean Good. 2. I was distracted by a gay couple outside of Bean Good who had an adorable cute and fluffy Shih Tzu (perfectly groomed of course). 3. Did I mention he’s real fast?

pacers four cours

Also one last fun race day give-away for the ladies were Becca Bands. They’re these great hair ties that don’t leave a crease in your hair after you wear them. They’re hand dyed and tied. Check out her website and order a few too, Becca Bands.

becca hair bands

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