Charlottesville Winery Tour

Over St. Patty’s Day weekend I toured around Charlottesville’s best vineyards for my friend, Cait’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. Lauren, the maid of honor, did a fabulous job planning the whole weekend in perfect detail from our pristine limousine bus (stocked with champagne) to the cutesy games, yummy food, and thoughtful party favors (no male genitalia woo hoo!!).

Charlottesville Winery Tour-- James LimosineOn the bus.

I just loved some of the creative details Lauren put into this shower, so I have to share a few.

On the outside patio at  Kings Family Vineyard, we were given a gift bag with a memory Cait had about that person written on a tag. Then we had to find the person who matched our bag. It was a clever way to break the ice and bring back a few ol’ college memories ( They’re kinda hazy for some reason, so I need reminding time to time).  The bags were filled with our wine glass for the day, some cookies, a mustache and a tiara cut out.

The shower’s theme was “around the clock”, so we each person brought a gift based on our assigned time.  The party confirmed that every hour of the day is basically centered around eating/cooking or drinking (or drinking while eating and cooking).

Kings Family Vineyard Charlottesville Virginia King Family Vineyards.

Kings Family Vineyard Charlottesville Virginia Barrels and barrels of wine…sounds like trouble.

Kings Family Vineyard CharlottesvilleWine tasting at 11 am? Don’t mind if we do.

Kings Family Vineyard Charlottesville VirginiaFriends since freshman year. Eagle Hall baby.

Later in the day, we ventured to Veritas Vineyard & Winery where we played  a few other games. My favorite was ‘Mustaches and Tiaras’. Lauren had emailed Cait and Adam questions to answer like, “What’s your favorite feature about your finance’?” or “What were their thoughts on their first date?”  We then had to guess who said each answer by holding up the mustache (for adam) or the tiara (for cait). Answers for both Adam and Cait received many ‘Awwwws’. Mustaches have officially take over this year (they’re all the rage!).

Veritas Charlottesville Virginia Wine does help reveal the truth.

Veritas Winery Charlottesville Virginia Nice little view from Veritas.

Veritas Winery Charlottesville VirginiaI certainly loved Veritas.

Veritas Charlottesville Virginia The Hart and future Hart family.

veritas winery charlottesville virginiaMustaches and Tiaras.

It was lovely spending a sunny day celebrating a dear friend and a new step in her life.


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