Monument Avenue 10 K 2012

monument avenue 10 k Richmond

As a once local Richmonder, I can’t help but love the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10 k. Runners, walkers, cheerleaders, bands, costume connoisseurs, and mimosa drinkers thrive on this race and literally take over the city. Benefiting the Massey Cancer Center, this day is near and dear to many. This year 40,638 10kers participated and so far the race has raised over $425,000!!!

Voted as one of America’s top races by USA Today, the 6.21 mile race is set on picturesque Monument Avenue. Classic Richmond houses outline the flat, cobble stone race course. With bands playing at every corner and rowdy fans cheering you on, you can’t help but feel  a bit like a rock star. In fact the Richmond poparazzi were all over my friends and I this year. Please, please, no more photos Richmond Times Dispatch. I just can’t take the fame.

Sports Backers does such a great job organizing the race, and even with 40,000 people this race is a well oiled machine.

The spirit of the race is contagious, and the race organizers do their part to encourage participants and side-line cheerers to really enjoy the event by throwing in some fun contests.

AT&T Dash for the Cash: One lucky runner is chosen for Dash-for the Cash each year. The contestant is given a head start and if they can out-run the fastest elite runner, the $2,500 AT&T Dash for the Cash prize is his/hers for the taking! If not, the race winner will tack on the$2500 as a bonus  to their 1st place earnings.

Helllooooo AT&T,  I’m available for next year.

Spirit Contest: The most enthusiastic spirit groups cheering on the 10 k participants are awarded with mola  by a sponsor,  this year Hirschler Fleischer Law Firm.

  • 1st Place  – $300
  • 2nd Place – $200
  • 3rd Place – $100
  • Ten other groups also received a $50 prize.

My mom may not have won the prize, but she sure is the best cheerleader I know!

Richmond Times Dispatch Dress Up & Run Contest: This race brings out every runner’s inner creativity and craftiness. You can win money even if you don’t win the race!

Somehow we didn’t win last year…I just have to accept there were craftier mofos than us. up costume

Prizes for the contest include :


Best Group Entry

1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place



Okay, enough rambling about the race and more about me and my raceday photoshoot. That one on the right is a real beaut. Money posin’ at its finest.

monument avenue 10 k 2012 Richmond

I’m still recovering from my sprained ankle and decided to attempt the race only 2 days before.  I planned to meet my two racing buddies at the start line which was a little hectic, but somehow we found each other. It was meant to be.

With my adrenaline pumping, my ankle wrapped tightly, and Jenny by my side, I somehow ran the whole race. We even held hands at the finish line. It was beautiful.  I almost walked at mile 5, but hearing my mom cheer me on from the parrot head tent motivated me to keep on truckin’. She also slipped me a margarita to help me forget the last mile (jk…but maybe next year?).   My body was really sore the next day and I had some nice battle blister from my ankle wrap. Considering I hadn’t done a real deal work out in a month much less run, it was expected.

monument avenue 10 k 2012

Brian on the other hand was a speed demon and ran the race in 42:42. Just a hare faster than our last time last year when we sported our amazing Up! costumes (featured above).

The fastest male, Reuben Chebii, ran in 28:07 minutes and the fastest female, Magdalene Makunzi, ran it in 32:24. Watch out Reuben and Magdalene, I’m beating you next year and winning that $2500. AT&T,  I will need a 6 mile head start.

monument avenue 10 k 2012 Richmond

After the race, I had brunch with family and friends, drank a few mimosas at Buddy’s Place in the fan, and dressed up in Mal’s clothes (pic below).

There’s nothing like a hard earned mimosa on a sunny day. In case you’re wondering there’s around 137 calories in one mimosa.  Burning around 550 calories = 4 Mimosas guilt free!

Exercise & Calories Burned per Hour

130 lbs

155 lbs

180 lbs

205 lbs

My Pace: Running, 6 mph (10 min mile)





Brian’s Pace: Running, 9 mph (6.5 min mile)





Apparently the guys thought the costume contest continued after the race.

monument avenue 10 k 2012 Richmond

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