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Henricus Dauber Dash

On Saturday, I ran the Henricus Dauber Dash with two of my favorite running buddies. The race was held at Henricus Historic Park along the the James River in Chesterfield County, only about 30 minutes outside of Richmond. I’m a little mad I didn’t hear about this park while living in Richmond! Oh, well.

This race passed three of my important checks right off the bat. The drive and parking were easy peasy, bathrooms were easily accessible, and registration was a breeze. It also helped arriving early which I have to credit Brian for (without him I would always be late).  Once the first parking lot was full, they offered shuttles to bring the rest of the racers over.

dauber dash richmond virginia

I had signed up for the Mud Racers heat (running the course in 8 minutes or less) which I now realize was really ambitious for a 5 mile course with obstacles. I somehow convinced Whit to move up to the sprinter heat with me (thanks for being a good sport Whit). Luckily the course was wide enough and with only about 700 runners, we were never a burden to the real sprinters.

This course was more of a trail run with small obstacles along the way which my not-so-fit body appreciated. I’m not really up for 400 yard obstacles quite yet. We jumped over hay bails, crawled through mud, trudged through water, and ran up a hill or two. There were 12 obstacles total.

henricus dauber dash course

Since this race was small enough, the announcer called your name before the last mud pit and the whole crowd cheered you on to get a little dirtier. Feeling like a bit of a rock star from my motivating fans,  I pushed extra hard to the finish line. I even asked one fan if he wanted my autograph. Brian politely declined.

henricus dauber dash

I know you’re thinking the exact same thought as me…Brian should really work on his abs more.

After we took a few muddy pics, we washed off with some pristine garden hoses (reminds me of my trip to Panama) and grabbed some post-race snacks. Dauber Dash also received my stamp of approval in this area providing powerade, cliff bars, trail mix, and chex mix! I just love the freebies.

The only thing I wish the race had was a shoe donation area. A lot of runners donate or toss their shoes after a mud run and it would’ve been convenient to have a donation area after the race. I’m suggesting this for next year!

Here’s how I did if you’re wondering:

There were 111 finishers in the Female 20 to 29 age group and 678 finishers in the Mud Run division.

My overall finish place was  141, my age group finish place was 10 and my gender finish place was 39.

My time 49:12.70 gave me a  9:50 pace per mile.

Not quite 8 minute miles but I’ll take it! After our garden hose shower we showed off our six packs more (or at least one of us did 🙂 ), and enjoyed sipping on our well deserved free beer.

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I hope you can enjoy a run outside on this lovvvvveeeellyy summer day! I know I’m taking full advantage of this weather before the heat wave comes this weekend!



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Tough Mudder Training

Tough Mudder is becoming more and more of a reality with each passing day.  After my trip to Peru (I promise to blog about it soon), I’ve been trying to get back into the grove of working out again. Luckily with all our walking and hiking I’m not too out of shape.
I know Tough Mudder is gonna be extremely challenging. Running 10-12 miles alone is hard, but add extreme obstacles and challenges and that’s just the barb-wired cherry on top. I’ve signed up for two other shorter mud runs to help motivate myself and get a taste of what to expect on Tough Mudder “Race”  Day.
Side Note: I’m not supposed to call it a race, because it officially isn’t, although  the fastest mudders advance to compete in the World’s Toughest Mudder…sounds like a race to me…just sayin’.  The World’s Toughest Mudder is about 10 mile course that you complete as many times as possible in a 24 hour period. The winner did it 7 times in 24 hours! Insaaannne!
This weekend I am running the five mile Henricus Dauber Dash in my hometown, Richmond Virginia. Woop woop!  It’s not Tough Mudder, but it ain’t no walk in the park either.
Here are some of the obstacles I’ll be up against this weekend:
  1. The Wattle Wall: Wall of hay bales
  2. The Vulture Scuttle: High Stepper
  3. The Rolfe Rampage: Mud Pit
  4. Sir Thomas Dale’s Dip: Run through the James
  5. The Pocahontas Picnic Pounce: Picnic table climb
  6. Graveyard Crawl: Army Crawl
  7. The Lagoon Lap: Run through lagoon
  8. Mt. Malady’s climb: Run on the rocky ridge
  9. Henricus Hill: Hill Climb
  10. Cypress Point Sink Hole: Muck through the channel
  11. The Wattle Wall: Wall of hay bales
  12. Buttercup’s Mud Pit: Mud Pit
I’m signed up in the fastest heat, the Mud Racers which are expected to run  8 minute miles or faster with obstacles. I’m feeling as if that’s a little ambitious for my post vacay body, but wish me luck. If anything, I know this race will be fun and a possible reality check :).
During the week, thanks to my badass Tough Mudder Coach, I’ve been incorporating some strength work outs into my training regimen. Dale, being the awesome person he is, organizes group work outs for our team each week. His exercise sessions are based off of his own experience with CrossFit work-outs. They’re quick and about as far away from easy as possible. These workouts are much like what I imagine Tough Mudder  will be like, awesome and slightly scary at the same time. I’m the first to admit…I would never. NEVER. do these on my own. So I’m definitely grateful Dale’s helping me to avoid dying on dooms day.
I’ve also been going to one morning body pump class with my former swimming buddy.
tough mudder coach
Here are some examples of our  twenty to thirty minute Tough Mudder work outs:
April 24th Tough Mudder Training
  • Warm-up with a 400m-800m run

Then complete the timed workout below:

    • 400m run while carrying a dumb bell (15-30 lbs)
    • 25 lunges with a dumb bell overhead (15-30 lbs)
    • 400m run
    • 25 toes to bar (see video below)
    • 400m run
    • 50 double-unders (see video below)
    • 400m run
    • 25 dumb bell thrusters (15-30 lbs) (see video below)
  • 400m run
June 19th Tough Mudder Training
  • Warm-up with a 400m-800m run
  • Next run a timed 400m run
  • Then 10 min stretch/rest
Then begin the consecutive timed workout below:
    • 400m run
    • 25 kettle bell swings, 25 lbs (see video below)
    • 400m run
    • 25 hand-release pushups (see video below)
      • 400m run
      • 25 thrusters, 25 lbs (see video below)
    • 400m run
    • 25 burpees (see video below)
Seriously every work out kicks my booty. I’m hoping with some more consistent training I can finish one Tough Mudder training without wanting to die.
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Ocracoke Island Wedding

A few weeks ago, I roadtripped down to Ocracoke Island in North Carolina for the wedding of my friends, Jessie and Denver. They are the cutest beach couple and I knew their wedding would have unique and creative touches unlike any other. Jessie owns an Interior Design Company called Raw & Repurposed in the Outer Banks. I stalk her Etsy page regularly. She sells upcycled pieces that bring charm to any home. Check out some of her work! Ocracoke Island was the ideal setting for her pieces to truly feel at home, and with out a doubt, the perfect place to celebrate this couple.

On the day of the wedding, Brian and I filled our morning by taking our very first scooter ride! Seriously we were like two kids, big grins on our faces, playing with our new toys. It was awesome! I enjoyed hearing about 10 dumb and dumber quotes that day!

Later we window shopped in the boutiques, grabbed a mean bloody mary,  and spent a moment or two enjoying the sand beneath our toes (it was pretty windy and chilly).

Here are some of my favorite shots around Ocracoke Island.

ocracoke island north carolina

Local Coffee Shop, I couldn’t resist buying a cup of joe from each day.

ocracoke coffee, north carolina

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse, North Carolina

Conch Shells for Sale

Seashells Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Jessie surely didn’t disappoint with her craftiness. Some of my favorite parts of her wedding were:

  • The Blue Grass Band.
  • The KeyLime Wedding Cake. I still want more! Gimme Gimme!
  • Adding games like checkers (the board made my Jessie) and a croquet set.
  • The handcrafted bar made by Denver!
  • The hanging frames that decorated the tent outside.
  • The photo booth with tons of fun costumes and props.
  • The perfect weather! Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I could go on and on. But what I loved most though, was that the ceremony and reception were so laid back, just like Jessie and Denver. Jessie, just a heads up,  I want to reserve Raw & Repurposed for my own wedding. In the meantime, I’ll try to talk you up to other potential customers as much as I can 🙂

Ocracoke Island Wedding, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island Wedding, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island Wedding, North Carolina

If you’re wondering. We stayed in the Blackbeard’s Lodge, but next time I visit Ocracoke I want to stay in the Soundfront Inn, where the wedding party stayed.  I’m a sucker for an old home and this Inn with its rich history is just up my ally!

Situated at the end of a winding lane, The Soundfront Inn is located on a spacious, historic property on the shores of the Pamlico Sound. This older home transports you to a “by gone era”. You are invited to return to a simpler time. The Soundfront Inn retains much of its original charm. Antiques and local decor combined with tasteful remodeling add to the ambiance of your stay. Take a vacation to “yesteryear.”

Here’s a link to the Ocracoke Island Tourism page if you’re interested in traveling here!

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Hillwood Estates

Now don’t get me wrong, the National Mall is amazing. Still to this day, I love walking by national monuments that represent our country and hold such a rich history. A-M-E-R-I-C-A!!!  But it is nice to have something different up your sleeve to wow your out-of-town guests that’s oh-so- D.C.

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you.

Over Easter, my mom, Brian, and I toured Hillwood Estates and Gardens. Home to  Marjorie Merriweather Post, heir to the Post cereal fortune.  I like to call myself a cereal connoisseur and basically lived off of cereal in college.  Grape-Nuts,  invented by Marjorie’s father, just happens to be one of my favorites. hillwood estates washington dc

Marjorie was quite the socialite of her day, and was known to host a mean party. Not to sell her short, she’s also known as the one of the first business women in America, an art collector, and a dedicated philanthropist.

The weather couldn’t have been better the day we visited. Before our tour of the mansion began, we walked around the gardens and ate lunch. We packed a picnic and snagged a spot where we could enjoy the view.

hillwood estates washington dc Afterwards we toured the lovely mansion with our knowledgeable docent who shared stories of Marjorie’s full life.   She was not only an art collector, but a very strong business woman. With her second husband, Wall Street financier Edward F. Hutton, she formed the General Foods Corporation. She traveled with her third husband, Joseph E. Davies,to the Soviet Union, where he served as the American ambassador right before  World War II. Hillwood Estates now houses the largest fabrege’ egg collection outside of Russia.

My favorite stories though weren’t about her wealth and riches, but of her kindness and generosity. Over the years, she donated millions of dollars to charities, including $100,000 to build the Kennedy Center.

Marjorie Merriweather Post Mansion in Washington D.C.

Some of my favorite pieces of  her collection were (all pictured below):

Marjorie Merriweather Post Mansion in Washington D.C.

Check out the Hillowood Estates Welcome Video for a glimpse into Marjorie’s lavish house and life.

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