Henricus Dauber Dash

On Saturday, I ran the Henricus Dauber Dash with two of my favorite running buddies. The race was held at Henricus Historic Park along the the James River in Chesterfield County, only about 30 minutes outside of Richmond. I’m a little mad I didn’t hear about this park while living in Richmond! Oh, well.

This race passed three of my important checks right off the bat. The drive and parking were easy peasy, bathrooms were easily accessible, and registration was a breeze. It also helped arriving early which I have to credit Brian for (without him I would always be late).  Once the first parking lot was full, they offered shuttles to bring the rest of the racers over.

dauber dash richmond virginia

I had signed up for the Mud Racers heat (running the course in 8 minutes or less) which I now realize was really ambitious for a 5 mile course with obstacles. I somehow convinced Whit to move up to the sprinter heat with me (thanks for being a good sport Whit). Luckily the course was wide enough and with only about 700 runners, we were never a burden to the real sprinters.

This course was more of a trail run with small obstacles along the way which my not-so-fit body appreciated. I’m not really up for 400 yard obstacles quite yet. We jumped over hay bails, crawled through mud, trudged through water, and ran up a hill or two. There were 12 obstacles total.

henricus dauber dash course

Since this race was small enough, the announcer called your name before the last mud pit and the whole crowd cheered you on to get a little dirtier. Feeling like a bit of a rock star from my motivating fans,  I pushed extra hard to the finish line. I even asked one fan if he wanted my autograph. Brian politely declined.

henricus dauber dash

I know you’re thinking the exact same thought as me…Brian should really work on his abs more.

After we took a few muddy pics, we washed off with some pristine garden hoses (reminds me of my trip to Panama) and grabbed some post-race snacks. Dauber Dash also received my stamp of approval in this area providing powerade, cliff bars, trail mix, and chex mix! I just love the freebies.

The only thing I wish the race had was a shoe donation area. A lot of runners donate or toss their shoes after a mud run and it would’ve been convenient to have a donation area after the race. I’m suggesting this for next year!

Here’s how I did if you’re wondering:

There were 111 finishers in the Female 20 to 29 age group and 678 finishers in the Mud Run division.

My overall finish place was  141, my age group finish place was 10 and my gender finish place was 39.

My time 49:12.70 gave me a  9:50 pace per mile.

Not quite 8 minute miles but I’ll take it! After our garden hose shower we showed off our six packs more (or at least one of us did 🙂 ), and enjoyed sipping on our well deserved free beer.

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I hope you can enjoy a run outside on this lovvvvveeeellyy summer day! I know I’m taking full advantage of this weather before the heat wave comes this weekend!



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