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Rebel Race DC

Two weekends ago I ran the Rebel Race. With the 105 degree heat and twenty-four obstacles, it was one of the hardest obstacle course runs I’ve tried yet.  The race took place in Monkton, Maryland about an hour and a half outside of D.C. You know I’ve got a few items on my  race grading checklist and organization is one of them. Parking and registration at the Rebel Race were well organized and easy. My only concern was that my car might get get stuck in the field they used for a parking lot. The Cobalt isn’t exactly an off-roading vehicle.

After registration we headed over to the start line.

Rebel Race DC

WARNING: I’m about to go on a race vent.  I’m always a little shocked at how many non-runners are at these obstacle course runs. At the start of our race heat, there was a lady whom was talking about how she just had surgery 6 weeks prior and was nervous about running….but yet she was at the start of the heat.  I know I’m being a bit of a running snob but helllllllo… race protocol! If you aren’t a speedsterr…don’t start at the front.

I don’t like to complain without a recommendation for a change so here’s my two cents.  I think these races should have time requirements for each heat. Then if you run at a 6 minute mile you won’t have to worry about trying to pass someone who runs an 11 minute mile.  I know Brian faced this more than I did, but there was a bit of back up at the obstacles. Each heat was only spaced out by 30 minutes, so if you were running at a decent pace, you definitely caught the peeps in the heat in front of you and possibly from two heats in front of you.

Race vent over.

Okay, back to the race! Like I said, there were supposedly twenty-four obstacles (It felt like more!) Every 5 seconds, it seemed,  I was jumping or climbing over a wall. I think there were 10 walls alone.  Some of the more challenging obstacles were:

  • Climbing over the plywood wall aka the Gamble of Gravity.  I’m pretty darn clumsy, so I really worried about falling off the top of the wall, especially after I saw a guy tumble off the first wall.
  • Going over logs in the muddy water aka Unleashed Endurance. A big thanks to my running buddy for pushing me over each log!
  • Pulling myself over a pond with a rope aka Rebellious Roping. Mainly because it was smelly and there was pondweed that grossed me out.

So remember my rant earlier about non-runners “running” this race. Well, I became one of those non-runners. This is the first race I can remember where I had to walk! This was a tough, tough hillly course. There were just some hills I couldn’t bare to run up. Can you say, karma. That’s what I get for being a complainy bee.

I did manage to finish strong up the last hill, though!  Gotta look goooood for the finish line photos. My final time was 47 minutes on the dot. I even got a medal….which every one got, but whatever.(Sidenote:  Rebel Race made a nice upgrade to their medals from last year.  Way to be Rebel Race!)

Rebecl Race DC 2012

After the race, we waited for about 30 minutes in our rank,  mud covered clothes. With lackluster water pressure and dry crusted mud…it was a little hard to clean off. I didn’t mind though, it just built up my thirst for our free beer. We hung out for a little bit,  enjoyed our beverages, and cheered on the remaining runners. Rebel Race smartly placed the beer tent by the finish line.

maryland rebel race

I know I’ve complained in this post, but I really liked the Rebel Race! The race was a well organized, tough, and I would definitely do it again (after more training of course)!

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Tough Mudder Training #2

Our Tough Mudder Tuesdays have continued. This week we did our first partner workout and Dale, our Tough Mudder coach, acted as a photographer.  He’s multi-talented.
It ain’t called the Easy Mudder so of course the work out was tough! The work out was  a nice reminder that summer time happy hours and cook outs are not considered training.  Funny how just a couple weeks of slacking off can really make you feel out of shape (do I sound like a broken record or what?).  It’s making me consider signing up for a half marathon in the fall to get my booty back in peek performance shape. Drastic, maybe? But necessary if I wanna live past September 8th.
July 10th Work-Out–Partner Work Out!
Like I said, this was a partner work out. Each station was 5 minutes and we counted one part of the work out. After each station we had a 2 minute break.
  • First station the one partner ran bleachers while the other partner did burpees, then once the other partner ran back we switched. Count the burpees for your score.
  • Next station, one partner ran a 200 m sprint and the other did push ups, then once the other partner ran back we switched. Count the push-ups for your score.
  • Last station, one partner did squats with a weight while the other did box jumps. Count the box jumps.  We switched when one partner was tired. Box jumps are rough!
At the end, we added our total reps to see who won!
Here are some lovely photos from our work out.  I use the term lovely, loosely for actions shots of myself. Let tell ya, I’m not a model action shot taker. Shape magazine will not be calling me anytime soon. I always look like I’m about to pass out….which I was close to with this work outs…so I guess it make sense 🙂
Bleachers and Burpees (count total Burpees)
Running Bleachers
2 – Laps and Push-Ups (count total Push-Ups)
sprints for tough mudder training
push ups
3 – Squat with Dumb Bell and Box Jumps (count total Box Jumps)
squats and box jumps
Here’s how we scored! All pretty close to one another! Way to go team Bullets!
  • Jason & Kristen – 313
  • Chelsea & Becca – 299–Team Awesome
  • Renato & McKenzie – 271
I’d like to do this work out later in summer to see how I improve!
Here’s another work out for ya, if you’re interested in training like a Bullet.
June 26th Tough Mudder Work Out 
Workout Part 1:
  • 100m sprints x10
  • exactly 30 sec rest between each
Workout Part 2:
3 rounds for time
First round is 21 reps of each, second is 15 reps, third is 9 reps (AKA 21-15-9)
Burpee Box Jumps
Single Dumb bell Ground to Overhead (15-30 lbs)
This was the hardest Tough Mudder work out , I’ve tried yet!
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Preparing for the DC Rebel Race

So today is race day and it’s supposed to be around 100 degrees right at our start time, 11:30 am. With tons of obstacles, the heat, and under par preparation…I’m a wee bit nervous.

My preparation for the Rebel Race has been less than stellar. With cookouts galore, beer drinking, and holiday celebrations, my body is not happppy. Sure I’ve still done workouts but they’ve been tough. Every run work out has felt like I’m running on sand in 5000 degree heat and 95% humidity. Gotta love Virginia Summers 🙂  I’m basically making excuses of why performance today might not be so hot…It’s the only thing that won’t be hot today.

If you’re wondering, here’s how I’ve prepared in the last few days:

I worked on my battle cry for the race while hollering at some steamy boys in Magic Mike.

magic mike

I been practicing my sexy mud pose. I swear I look as good as this girl I found on the Rebel Race website. Ridiculous.

Rebel Race Profile

I worked through the most challenging obstacle of all, the crowded beer line at the  July 3rd Nat’s game.

nats stadium

Here’s what I’m packing Rebel Race Day:

  • Dark running clothes. Unless you plan on donating your clothes after, dark running clothes are best. I must say seeing all the pristine white shirts arriving at the finish line, a muddy brown is pretty fun.
  • Duct tape to tape my shoes to my legs. Make sure you wear taller socks so you don’t get blisters!
  • An old pair of running shoes. Hopefully they’ll have a donation pile after the race.
  • Lotssssssssss of Water!
  • An old towel to wipe off after my power wash.
  • A change of clothes.

Here’s the course and the obstacles, I’ll be tackling today:

maryland rebel race obstacles maryland

rebel race maryland course map

The blue course is the 5k and the red the 15k.

Here are the Future Rebel Races Runs in 2012:

Rebel Races in 2013:

Mud Races Around DC:

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