Preparing for the DC Rebel Race

So today is race day and it’s supposed to be around 100 degrees right at our start time, 11:30 am. With tons of obstacles, the heat, and under par preparation…I’m a wee bit nervous.

My preparation for the Rebel Race has been less than stellar. With cookouts galore, beer drinking, and holiday celebrations, my body is not happppy. Sure I’ve still done workouts but they’ve been tough. Every run work out has felt like I’m running on sand in 5000 degree heat and 95% humidity. Gotta love Virginia Summers 🙂  I’m basically making excuses of why performance today might not be so hot…It’s the only thing that won’t be hot today.

If you’re wondering, here’s how I’ve prepared in the last few days:

I worked on my battle cry for the race while hollering at some steamy boys in Magic Mike.

magic mike

I been practicing my sexy mud pose. I swear I look as good as this girl I found on the Rebel Race website. Ridiculous.

Rebel Race Profile

I worked through the most challenging obstacle of all, the crowded beer line at the  July 3rd Nat’s game.

nats stadium

Here’s what I’m packing Rebel Race Day:

  • Dark running clothes. Unless you plan on donating your clothes after, dark running clothes are best. I must say seeing all the pristine white shirts arriving at the finish line, a muddy brown is pretty fun.
  • Duct tape to tape my shoes to my legs. Make sure you wear taller socks so you don’t get blisters!
  • An old pair of running shoes. Hopefully they’ll have a donation pile after the race.
  • Lotssssssssss of Water!
  • An old towel to wipe off after my power wash.
  • A change of clothes.

Here’s the course and the obstacles, I’ll be tackling today:

maryland rebel race obstacles maryland

rebel race maryland course map

The blue course is the 5k and the red the 15k.

Here are the Future Rebel Races Runs in 2012:

Rebel Races in 2013:

Mud Races Around DC:


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