Chocolate Museum Cusco, Peru

We arrived back in Cusco by 10: 30  am. Our wonderful group leader, Patricia made reservations at the Coco Museum for Brian and I and our two travel buddies, Charla and Joel.  Here we learned the history of chocolate and actually learned how to make our own chocolate.

I just loved our instructor.  He was only one month on the job, but was so great. My favorite part was when he made us sing while we were mixing hot chocolate. He said it makes the chocolate taste better (as if that’s possible). Since hot chocolate is usually only enjoyed around Christmas, we decided to sing Christmas carols. He was right, the singing did make it taste oh so delicious.

Let me tell ya, I definitely appreciate chocolate even more now. Making just one piece of chocolate took a lot of work.

chocolate cusco, peru

While we were waiting for our chocolates to cool, we used our boleto touristico to visit the Regional History Museum. The museum was full of colonial artifacts and was the perfect way to spend the hour.

chocolate factory peru

After picking up our tasty treats, Brian and I spent the rest of the day shopping around the local markets.

cusco peru

Later that night we went out to dinner at La Retama, right in the Plaza de Armas. The food was so yummy and the live music and dancers provided great dinner entertainment.

la retama cusco, peru

After we grabbed a few Cusquena beers (a Peruvian beer) at Paddy’s Pub with some other members of our group. We met quite a character named Roger who seriously looked like Raiden from the mortal combat movies.  He wore only black leather, had 18 inches of long white hair,  chained smoked and reeked of cigarettes but his stories of travel and love kept us enthralled for a few hours.
My only regret…. I didn’t snap a photo with him, so for many  he will remain a mythical creature, as he should.


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