Young House Lovers

I  got to meet my favorite  DIYers,  Sherry and John from Young House Love , ya’ll.  Oh me, oh my!! This must be what a 12 year old girl feels like waiting in line  to meet Justin Bieber…only with more girls and more screaming!   I was just too excited to meet these DIY rockstars.

When driving home from work, of course there was a ton of traffic. Hey it’s D.C. I was sitting in my car. Minute by minute, the anticipation continuing to build.

About an hour and a half later, I finally arrived at my apartment, ran upstairs to grab photos of our Young House Love inspired project to share with Sherry and John, and booked it out of the door.  I knew from reading earlier posts from their book tour that the lines would be insanely long. So I ran from my apartment in Foggy Bottom to Flor in Georgetown. Yep ran in my riding boots, skirt and peacoat to make sure I could snag a good spot in line.  It’s only about 10 minute walk, so really not that crazy right??…ha I know it’s crazy.

young house love book signing

Luckily for me, my awesome, on-time friends were already in line so I scooted in with them (thanks for the people behind us for being so kind) and eagerly waited for our turn. The people at Flor were awesome hosts and sponsored Captain Cookie & The Milkman to come out and provide warm cookies and cider. Let me tell ya, that pumpkin snickerdoodle -ish cookie was so delish and the cider warmed me right up. Just the fuel I needed to wait a little longer.

About 2 hours and ten frozen toes later we were finally at the beginning of the line. We thought we had spotted John a little early. Some friends even snapped some photos thinking it was him. Later we realized it was John’s  Flor-doppleganger. You can read more about it on my friend’s blog Skillets. Sneakers. Style.

young house love book tour

Anywho, about 10 minutes later and we were inside warming our bones with some wine and buttery popcorn, again provided by Flor. They sure do know the way to my heart.

Just an FYI, I changed a setting on my phone, so the photos accidentally came out red tinted.  Guess the room was just so filled with Young House Love 🙂

And the moment came. It was our tour to gush and blush over Sherry and John. And let me tell ya they were totally worth the wait. They listened intently while I shared my DIY wardrobe project inspired by them. Sherry even offered to come over to check the project out (of course I would love you to Sherry!). They were so genuine and happy to sign 2334597345 copies of their book.

young house love book tour

young house love dc

young house love christmas

Sherry and John loved that they would be Katie’s Christmas present for her friend!

young house love couple

Unfortunately, Flor sold out of their book so I just purchased one from Mongrel, an awesome card shop in my hometown Richmond. I can’t wait for it to arrive and  place my photo and book plate inside!

young house love signature

Woop woop! Just writing this post makes me smile. Thanks again Sherry and John for showing the Capital City lots of love.

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