New Year, New You

happy 2013It’s a new year and with that brings some time for reflection. 2012 was a growing year for me and I plan to continue that same growth in 2013.  I believe every person has the opportunity to be their best and sometimes it just takes a moment to recognize what you like about yourself and what you would like to improve upon. Then taking that improvement list and  figuring out ways to make small changes  to yourself that eventually turn into bigger changes.  By putting a plan into place and  taking small bites out of your big goal helps your new years resolutions more manageable.

So in 2013 I plan to work on…

Being in the moment. I often plan and plan. Even while,  for example,  working on a diy project I’m thinking about all the other things I’d like to do to our apartment instead of having fun and really enjoying that diy project. I find myself doing this in other aspects of my life, like when talking a friend, I’m thinking about all the other things I need to do.  Multi-tasking isn’t always the answer!  So in 2013, I plan to be fully present in whatever I’m doing.

Being more patient. Man oh man I’ve come to realize I’m pretty darn impatient. So in 2013, I plan to work on having realistic expectations for both myself and others.

Being more forgiving and accepting.  We all make mistakes and I’m pretty hard on myself and others on this one. It’s time to move on and not let the past hold me back. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but it’s time to work hard not to repeat them and not beat myself up about them constantly.

Trying to stay positive. It’s funny how thinking one negative thought can easily cascade into more negative thoughts. Instead of seeing the sunny side, you see the dark side and expect the worst.  One bad thing happens and suddenly your whole day is ruined. I plan to work on staying positive and expecting the best,  not the worst.

Figuring out ways to manage my stress. I know I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t busy, but sometimes I pile too much on and get pretty darn stressed out and overwhelmed. I plan to work on realizing some things can wait until tomorrow and finding more ways to relieve my stress in that moment.

Some concrete goals I plan to accomplish in 2013…

  • Finish organizing and DIYing our apartment by the time our lease is up 🙂
  • Take a sewing class and sew one simple project like a pillow case or curtains.
  • Take a yoga class at least once a week. I always feel so great after and it certainly helps my legs for running. It helps with stress too!
  • Practice fiddling more. Maybe even playing in front of someone besides Brian and my mom!
  • Walk a 5 k with my mom!
  • Set a PR in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and in the Monument 10 k in April.
  • Save more moola! Sometimes I want to do everything and saving money just isn’t as fun.  I would love to save more money this year!
  • Look at grad school programs and study for the GREs (and hopefully take them in 2013)!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you can accomplish big things in 2013!



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6 responses to “New Year, New You

  1. You should check out


    I love them both and they might help you achieve your goals 🙂


  2. My only comment. You ARE taking the GRE in 2013!!!

    Thanks, Jenny

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  3. Whitney

    Great goals becca boo- we should compare lists- markedly similar!!! Good luck on yours- I think you have gotten an awesome start:)


    • Great minds think alike 🙂 We can help each other accomplish both of our goals. Good luck on yours too! I think the first step on the 10 k one is signing up for the monument 10 k (which I haven’t done yet).

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