DIY Christmas Ornament

I’m finally feeling like the holidays are winding down. I’m lucky that my work holiday party is actually after the holidays, so I get to draw out the Christmas cheer just a wee bit longer which I usually love!  This year though, with a lot on my plate at work and being the party planner of the event, I must say I’m happy for a break and ready for things to slow down.

I thought though, in case you’re missing the holidays, I would share a holiday DIY project.

This is a really simple DIY gift that anyone can make! In my family, it’s a Christmas tradition to exchange ornaments, and I always look forward to opening the ornaments from my mom. At this point, I’m sure I have well over 50 ornaments on my mom’s tree at home that will one day decorate my very own tree (when I don’t live in a small DC apartment).

This year, in true DIY fashion, I decided to semi-make an ornament. I bought these ornaments from Target (you can find really cheap ornaments after the holidays).

diy ornament

First, I snapped a holiday family photo on my fuji film instant camera (just love this camera!).

I then rolled the photo  tightly and stuffed it inside.  You can use a pencil to adjust the photo a bit.

Third, I played with my cat Bella (optional step)! diy ornament

Then I tied a bow on top! This was easy-peasy and my mom loved the homemade gift.

diy ornament 2012

Here are some other diy photo ornaments I’m digging. Maybe, I’ll try one of these next year!


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