Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

dining room table

If you’re looped into the DIY phenomena then chances are, you’ve heard of this British dame, named Annie Sloan. She invented this paint, called chalk paint, that has literally splashed the DIY world. It’s claimed to be the premier paint to re-do old furniture.

So newly DIY obsessed me decided to give Annie Sloan’s invention a try. Now I have to warn, you do have to initially get over the sticker shock. Annie Sloan, oh my I wish I was you, is raking in about $40 a quart for paint! Yes a quart. And a teeny, weeny sample size is around $11. I bought my chalk paint from a store in my home town, Thrill of the Hunt, who I’ve mentioned a time or two. If you’re living in the Northern Virginia area, Stylish Patina, also sells the paint.

I decided to first paint our dining room table. It was a craigslist find that I originally bought (for $75) with the intention to paint. I chatted with the owners of of Thrill of the Hunt and they recommended the following supply list.

My supplies list:

  • one quart of  provence chalk paint
  • paint brush
  • paint tarp
  • wax
  • deglosser
  • rag for applying the wax
  • textured rag for buffing the wax
  • sand paper if you plan to give your item a rustic look ( I bought light and medium sand paper)

I strayed away from one item, the Annie Sloan Soft Wax. Again, the wax is pretty expensive at $27 for a 500 ml bucket. I instead bought this wax. Now, one recommendation I would make is to buy clear wax instead. This wax is a light brown color which worked fine for my table I planned to sand but for another table you might want clear wax instead. I found one clear wax at home depot here, you might want to give a try.

Time to get to work!

First I used this deglosser to take the gloss off the table. The owners at Thrill of the Hunt recommended this to help the paint bind to the surface. I just followed the directions, applying the deglosser to a rag and then rubbing it onto the wood.  I applied the deglosser three times, waiting around 15 minutes in between each coat.

After the last coat dried it was paint time! I applied the first coat of paint, trying to make even strokes.  The paint was easy to apply and even with one coat the table already looked 1000 times better. I let the first coat dry over night.

A word of advice, make sure to close the can of paint tightly. Chalk paint will dry out quickly (or so I’ve heard).

painting table

first coat of annie sloan chalk paint

The next day I applied the second coat of paint and let it dry over night.

Did I mention you have to be a little patient with this kind of project? 🙂

The third day, I applied the wax. I rubbed the wax in circles, then let it dry for an hour, and then buffed it with a textured cloth. The wax did create a very smooth surface and will help to protect the paint from damage over time.

Last step wohooo! I wanted my table to still have a somewhat rustic look, so I sanded a few places to give it an older feel.

waxing painted table

sanding painted table

sanding the table

Here’s the finished table. I painted the leaf as well, so I can use it when we’re entertaining or when Brian and I, one day, have a bigger place.

annie sloan chalk paint table

chalk paint table

I love the table!!! It goes perfectly with our reupholstered chairs. Can’t wait to paint something else.  Painter for hire!

Here is the full list of all the chalk paint colors.

chalk paint guide

Also, if you’re interested in checking out another chalk paint, CeCe Caldwell is another.

Hope you get inspired to freshen up something of your own!

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10 responses to “Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

  1. Caroline

    I have a question : some people tell me I should not put wax on the table because it wont be possible to put anything hot on it afterwards. Is that true ?
    (I hope this message is properly written… i am from MOntréal and I speak french 😉

    • Hi Caroline, I’ve put hot things on my table and had no issues. The wax def made the table look more polished and protects the paint. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to help!

  2. Hi, I love how your table turned out! Any updates on how the chalk paint has held up? Cheers!

    • I’ve been using this table for around a year and a half and it still looks great. I tried out Ce Ce Caldwell paint on a couple other projects and I think Annie Sloan is better quality (which is the paint I used on this table). Good luck and happy diying!

  3. I did an Annie Sloan chalk paint on dining chairs and the base of the table (the one I’m working on is exactly the same kind as yours). I also put a polyurethane lacquer on the chairs and the base. They look beautiful and have a satin gloss. Turned out perfectly, no issues, and I had even waxed with clear AND dark waxes. But, when I applied it to the tabletop it was a disaster: peeling etc… I had to strip the top and start over! grrrr.
    My question is:
    Has your table stood up to normal wear, no scratches etc with JUST the wax? I’m paranoid that this high-use table will get beaten up, and paint will scratch and dent?

    • Hi Stacey! Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear your DIY project went awry. Sometimes DIY projects are much harder than they appear 😉 I did just use the wax and it is holding up. I didn’t use the Annie Sloan wax. I bought a harder wax from Home Depot so this may help. We don’t use our table a ton. I would say around 3 days a week. I will say that I painted our coffee table with cc Caldwell paint and just waxed it and it is starting to show some wear. This may be due that it’s just an ikea pax table and not real wood so it’s harder for the paint to stay on. From my experience if seemed that Annie Sloan was better quality. Hope that helps and good luck with the table! Send a photo when you finish it. Would love to see it!

  4. Carolyn Wilkinson

    If you watch Annie’s videos, you do not have to wait 24 hours between coats. That’s one of the great things about the paint. As far as it costing more, it does, but you don’t have to prep the surface by sanding and priming which usually takes a lot of time and some money for primer, and it goes a long way. I painted 2 coats on six chairs and it only took a little less than half a can. The Annie Sloan wax goes a very long way also. You only use a tiny bit on each project and that’s what saturates with the paint to make it so durable. I have no ties to Annie Sloan paint, just a crafter and I LOVE the stuff!! You can paint ANYTHING outside (shutters, flower pots, wood, glass, plastic, cement, etc) and you’re not suppose to use wax which makes it unbelievably SIMPLE! HaPpY PaInTiNg!

    • Thanks Carolyn for the tips!!! This was my very first chalk paint project so I was extra cautious with the drying time. I have a heavier painting hand so I probably use more paint than the average person would. I will certainly check out Annie’s videos for my next project! Thanks again for checking out my blog and please send over any other tips or links to projects you have worked on. Happy DIYing!

  5. Krista

    I painted my dining table with Annie Slan and applied her clear wax. I might have put too much wax on. I often get marks in the wax coat. They buff out with a brush. I wish I had looked into putting some kind of poly over the paint rather than the wax. Not sure if this can be done.

    • Hi Krista! Thanks for the comment. I haven’t used Annie Sloan’s wax but I did hear it is softer. I used a harder wax which was harder to apply but never left marks. Let me know if you use poly and how it turns out. Happy DIYing!

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