40 Days of Inspiration

For Lent this year, I decided instead of giving something up I would take something on. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been pretty stressed out and run down lately with a big project at work and the 43209345 things I try to tackle in my personal time like running, blogging, DIYing, decorating our apartment, playing the fiddle, yoga-ing, cooking, hanging out with my friends, and sleeping occasionally. Can you tell I like hobbies? My hobbies really do bring me happiness, but I can be pretty hard on myself if projects take longer than I think they should.

After my relaxing trip to Mexico, I’m realizing that I need to give myself a break occasionally and remind myself I can’t do everything in a day. Figuring out more ways to relieve some stress from my busy bee life should be a priority.

Stress certainly can bring on some negative emotions, so I’ve decided that each day (for 40 days) I’m beginning my day with positivity.

Here’s some things I’ve done to keep the good vibes flowing.

Warning: You may think this post is somewhat corny, but this happy clam over here is grinning ear to ear.

Positive Quotes

I’ve been reading about 10 positive quotes a day and then pinning quotes like this one that inspire me that day.


Positivity Journal

I’ve started writing in my positivity journal each day (another gift from my Sunshine). So far, I’ve written about what I’m grateful for each day and the positive thoughts I’ve reflected on each day. It’s helped me bring clarity to what caused stress that day and brainstorm ways to handle situations differently. It certainly is a nice outlet for reflection, a reminder  of everything good in my life,  and, a tool for  creating solutions (instead of just complaining).

Visualizing something positive

Oh, did I mentioned I’m engaged!?! Sorry if I may have hit your car earlier (kidding) but I’ve been staring at my engagement ring from my fiance’ ever since I got it (even while driving)!! I mean I can’t help it, it’s so sparkly.

engagement ring

But for real though, every time I look down on my hand I’m reminded of the sunshine Brian brings into my life 🙂  I’m living on cloud 9 and wearing rose colored glasses fo sho.  I can’t lie, this definitely helps with the positivity but I’m doing everything I can to continually bring out my inner mojo. I plan to share our engagement story in my upcoming Mexico posts!

I’ve found in these past three days that by beginning my day with positivity really sets the tone for my whole day and ending the day with positivity makes it that much easier to start the next day the same way. With positive vibes on my side, stressful situations don’t phase me quite as much. I just keep reminding myself that every day is progress and even if there are problems, with my renewed inner strength, my busy days seem much more manageable.

I’ll leave you with a quote my aunt passed along yesterday.

The greatest thing we’ll ever learn  is just to love and be loved in return. Eden Ahbez

Hope your day is filled with positivity and love. Ya mon.



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2 responses to “40 Days of Inspiration

  1. Heather

    Such wonderful ideas! I’m going to try and incorporate some of these, and congrats again!

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