Virginia Really is for Lovers

virginia is for lovers

For all you single ladies out there, you will soon learn that the first two questions every one asks once you’re engaged is, “can I see the ring? ” and, “when is the date?”.  Then they ask, “when are you expecting?” JK!!!

I’ve had so much fun showing off my ring from Brian and basking in all the warm, loving attention from our family and friends, especially when champagne is involved :).

engagement brunch

Honestly though, my thoughts of planning haven’t even begun. I’m not just saying this, I promise. You can check my Pinterest board for proof. I haven’t even pinned one wedding inspiration on my Pinterest board.  Right now, I’m just loving being engaged and sharing this special time with Brian.

This all changed though when I discovered the Northern Virginia Magazine Dream Wedding contest…

And this is where my wedding planning began:

northern va dream wedding

If you don’t know, Brian and I love contests. We probably each enter some kinda contest around once a month (mostly travel). Mainly, I enter these contest because I love day dreaming about all the possibilities if we won. I’m dreaming about an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica as we speak 🙂

Brian and I were feeling a little crazy,  well mainly me, and decided to enter the Northern Virginia Dream Wedding Giveaway contest. The contest was right up my alley calling for a little creativity and a lot of silly. I somehow convinced Brian to stay in one night, play dress up, and craft a funny, cutesy-corny video that described us best.

We submitted our 2 minute video and patiently waited to see if we would be chosen by the Northern Virginia judges as worthy finalists.

Welp, guess what folks, we were chosen as a finalists!!! Holy moly!! We announced yesterday to our family, friends, and basically everyone we have known at some points in our lives that we were finalists. I must say I’m truly humbled by the response. The love and support shown has been such a blessing to see, and honestly the best part of entering this contest. I just want to say a big thank you for your support!!! You’ve made this really fun (even if we don’t win) and somehow I’m even more excited to marry Brian.

Vote for us!

Here’s the part where I self-promote. I know you were waiting for it. We truly appreciate your support in voting for us. Here’s where to vote for us, Becca and Brian.

You can vote once a day from every unique IP address you have available (work computer, cell, ipad, home computer).  Vote early, vote often! You can vote for us until, Thursday March 14th at 11:59 p.m.

Help us spread the word in any way you can.

Facebook it, tweet it, pin it, blog it, or email it to everyone you now!!!!

Here’s our video for your viewing pleasure.


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