Runaway Bride

Four Courts Four Miler

four courts four miler

The Four Courts Four Miler is one of my favorite local races.  Reason’s being, it’s short, it’s festive, and it’s usually not too cold out. It also has a killer one mile long hill at the end that forces you to work real darn hard. You end feeling like you earned your beer for that day.

I’ve been working to get back into running shape but boy oh boy it’s hard. It’s funny how long it takes to get back into running shape and how easy it is to lose your momentum.

Here come the excuses…

I’ve been really busy at work opening a Wellness Center,which I’m super ecstatic to say actually opened yesterday!!!  With working much longer hours, it’s been a real challenge squeezing in any type of work out. After putting in a 12 hour work day, the last thing I wanna do is more work.

My real motivation…another race.

I just realized  three weeks ago, I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in less than three weeks from today. Eeek!!!  At this point, I knew I needed to suck it up and somehow start hitting the pavement.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, right now every run feels pretty darn crappy.  BUT every hard run is only more motivation to keep running, so those 10 miles aren’t so painful.  The Four Courts Four Miler couldn’t have come at a better time.

This year, Brian and I decided to have a little fun and dress up like a bride and groom to promote this big contest we were in to possibly win a $100,000 dream wedding (sadly, we didn’t win).  It was definite added bonus hearing  people congratulate us!

All that positive energy helped propel me to the finish line, even with a mile long dreadful hill at the end. Brian and I both racked in pretty good times. Brian ran in 27:42 and I ran in 32:40.  Last year, I had a sprained ankle so I couldn’t run, but in 2011 I ran it in 35:05. Not too shabby for being out of shape! I’m really working on starting my races off faster. It’s really helped to shave off some time!

Here are some fun race photos from Swim Bike Run Photography:

2013 Four Courts Four MilerCan you spot the bride?

2013 Four Courts Four MilerOh no, Brian lost a leg!

2013 Four Courts Four MilerBunny Hopping!

2013 Four Courts Four MilerI can testify that my friend PD has this same smile in every photo. Just impressed he kept it while running this killer hill!

2013 Four Courts Four MilerProof this hill is killer!!!

This race has certainly provided positive encouragement to keep training. I’m hoping that with a couple more weeks of training, I will finally pick up my stride and not feel like a dead horse every time I run.

How do you squeeze in runs when you’re really busy? How do you motivate yourself to start running again when you’ve taken a hiatus? I’m always looking for ways to increase my motivation or get my butt moving. How do you..?

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4 responses to “Runaway Bride

  1. I work 12 hour days as well. I always try to hit the gym before a long day. A good run is a great way to start a long day. Great job on your run & congrats on your engagement!! 🙂
    Check out my running inspired blog!

    • Great advice!! I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of morning runs. I always feel so great after. Now with the weather warming up, I really have no excuse 😉 love your blog! Good luck running a half this year! You can do it!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I love that you dressed as bride and groom. I will def make my fiancé do that at our last race before the wedding 🙂

    • Do it!! Great motivation for running faster. Don’t wanna be the jogaway bride 😉 super cute blog! I love watching those horrible tlc shows like four weddings. Haha. Good luck with planning!

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