South of the Border

I’m finally blogging about our Mexico trip wohooo! Mexico was such a great trip for two main reasons. It was my mom’s first trip out of the country, and Brian and I got engaged! Also,  I am the  proud Hamster Ball Champion of the Riviera Maya region (I’ll explain later). So get ready readers, you’re about to read the post of a true winner.

hamster ball champion

We sleepily rose from our beds at 3:45 am to make our way to BWI airport. Actually, Brian never went to sleep because he came home from work around 3:30 am.  I would’ve been a cranky zombie, but Brian used his travel mojo to push through. After one layover in Ft. Lauderdale, we made it to sunny Mexico around 12 pm. Not surprisingly, the Cancun airport was jam packed with pale travelers, all patiently waiting, day dreaming about bottomless pina coladas and crystal clear beaches.


After making our way through customs and my mom racking in her very first passport stamp, we headed off for our resort, the Marina El Cid in Puerto Morelos. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first real deal all-inclusive resort experience. Driving in, all the resorts were massive and impressive.  El Cid was no exception.

We checked in at the front desk and were sadly informed our room wasn’t quite ready. But hey, the bar was open and they were serving. We checked in with our resort “tour guide” and sipped on our cool beverages.

vacation drinks

Now, this is the only negative piece I have to share about El Cid. They sneakily try to sell all their guests a time share.  For some reason El Cid thinks it’s a great idea to hide the true intentions of their initial overview meeting of the resort. I don’t know why they think tricking people into sitting in on a 3 hour meeting while they’re on vacation will  go over well and magically help them sell more condos. Luckily Brian, my mom, and I had studied up on the reviews beforehand, so we came armed and ready to shoot this down immediately.  Brian stuck to his guns and quickly helped us bypass the sales ploy. We then happily skipped down to the pool, corona and lime in hand. Falalala.

mariana el cid

marina el cid

We spent the rest of the day exploring the resort, relaxing by the pool and ocean, and adjusting to the vacation life (it didn’t take long :)).

mexico resorts

Later that night, after dinner, Brian and I went to a Madonna themed show hosted by the resort. It was hilariously awful. Imagine a high school budget show pretending to be a full scale Broadway performance. Brian and I sat through about 5 acts and slipped out the back, making vogue poses as we left.


Yes there were many cone-shaped bras in case you were wondering.

We enjoyed the rest of the night walking around the resort, basking in the fresh warm air. We went to bed giddy for our next full day of tropical relaxation.


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