Rumblings of Wedding Planning

I’m just over the moon about being engaged to Brian. It’s only been a little over a month and  it feels just the same as the night we were engaged.  The main reason I want to have a longer engagement is to selfishly revel in having a finance’ for as long as I can 🙂 Also, my favorite season is Autumn and I have always imagined being married then. I especially love the weather and scenery in Virginia in October (sorry football fans).  I think by having a longer engagement, we can really take the time to pick what we want and not feel too stressed. I really want to enjoy every single moment.

It has been fun to day dream about what direction our wedding could go. I’ve started “planning” in these fun ways!

Creating a Pinterest board to organize all my wedding dreams.

wedding table

View my Wedding Pinterest Board here.

Day dreaming about our honey moon!

Can we really only take one? What about a year long honey moon? Here of some of the places we’ve thought about.


Thailand! I wanna swim with an elephant!


Croatia! Just look at this beautiful beach! I’m sold.



Greece! I love the juxtaposition of the ligt and dark landscape in Santorini

Here are all my dreams of upcoming trips.

Browsing Wedding Venues

I know I definetly want to get married in my hometown area of Richmond, Virginia. I’ve contacted the owners of the farm I grew up on, North Wales Farm. You can read more about this lovely farm here. It would really mean the world to me to be married on this farm I have so many memories from.  My parents were married here, so of course it would mean even more to be married here too.

North Wales Farm Virginia

I’ve been preparing myself in case the owners of North Wales Farm say no. My mom recently suggested Meadow Farm in Doswell, Virginia. This is the farm Secretariat was born and raised. In case you don’t know, I was a horse fanatic growing up and a Secretariat groupie. I even have snap shot of him signed by Penny Chenery. ha! Dork alert.

Topham 080

Mike Topham Photography

Planning our Engagement Shoot

We’re taking our engagement photos next weekend! I’m even more giddy to see how my friend Heather Raeburn makes us shine 🙂 It’s comforting knowing a friend is taking the shots. I know she’ll be honest if we look awkward or corny.  We’re planning to take some shots by the tidal basin (hopefully the cherry blossoms are still in full bloom), some down Pennsylvania Avenue with the Capitol in the background, and one in the metro going up an escalator.  Shameless Plug: Win your own photo shoot or photo book from Heather here!


Inspiration from Holland Photo Arts

How did you start planning your wedding? Have any organizing tips? What was your favorite part of planning?



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4 responses to “Rumblings of Wedding Planning

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I’ve been engaged about a month now and am so loving it! We booked venue so far and just went dress shopping the other day (!!). I can’t wait to follow along as you plan more 🙂

  2. audra

    Just started following your blog courtesy of SkinnyRunner! How exciting is wedding planning! Sometimes I wish I coud go back and re-do my wedding, but all in all, it was amazing. If your looking at venues in Richmond, look into River’s Bend Golf Course. It’s on the James River and there are some gorgeous views at night. Oh, and Melody Smith is an amazing photgrapher.

    • I’m still in shock I was featured on SkinnyRunner! ha. I’m in the very beginning of my wedding planning, where I just day dream instead of actually plan. haha. It’s been such an amazing experience being engaged and seeing the love our family and friends have shown. Thanks for the recommendations!!! I will definitely check both out!

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