Girl in the Plastic Bubble

marina el cid mexico

Boy oh boy was I in need of big time  R & R. I couldn’t have been more excited to spend a whole day relaxing by the pool and beach.

We began our day by stuffing our faces at the buffet breakfast. Afterwards, I was in full food coma mode, so a lounge chair with the warm sun on my skin couldn’t have been a better spot. Ahh,  the good life. The pool was fully stocked with waiters and bar tenders working hard for their money, so we never were too thirsty.

After relaxing for a while, Brian somehow peeled me off my lounge chair to go kayaking with him. We began our kayak journey by slowly paddling out into the blue Carribean. It was quite peaceful away from the resort, that is until Brian and I got competitive and decided to race one another. I let him win.

About an hour later, we returned to the pool to find my mom chatting it up with a few new pool buddies. She was quite the resort socialite.

The hotel staff did a great job of keeping their guests entertained and had tons of games during the day. While lazily lounging, I heard the announcer mention something about a hamster ball race and without another word, I jumped out of my chair, dragged Brian along and reserved the last two spots in the race.

hamster ball stud

The hamster race involved two large clear, inflatable balls. Each racer had to step inside the ball and the staff then inflated it with a leaf blower. I must admit I got a little claustrophobic the first time. Suffocating in a big plastic ball would’ve been a tough way to go.

After the ball was inflated they rolled us into the pool and luckily the ball floated on top. Each hamster ball racer then eagerly waited to spin his or her ball to victory. When the whistle blew,  we crawled our hardest until our ball reached the finish line.

hamster ball race

The loser was then eliminated from each round. I’m happy to share after many rounds of beating the opposing hamster, I’m now the reigning hamster ball champion!  John Travolta, I hope you’re proud of this girl in the plastic bubble! Brian took home the prize of best lookin’ hamster ball racer.

My mom played team photographer and snapped tons of fun photos.

marina el cid dinner

We later enjoyed lunch by the pool and a yummy 5 course dinner at one of the resort restaurants, El Alcazar.  I couldn’t have wished for a better day with my mom and Brain!


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