Prayers for Boston

I tried writing a running post last night and it just didn’t feel quite right. The bomb attacks yesterday at the Boston Marathon were just a little too close to home. I’m still in a bit of shock that someone would target a running event and looking through the photos of fellow runners sends a chill through my core.

As a runner, what especially saddens me is that each and every runner really worked their asses off to be there. They trained, they made an awesome time, and actually qualified for the mecca of all marathons,   the Boston Marathon.   This act of terror targeted people who literally dedicated more than a year of their lives to train for this event. Many were robbed of their finish, others are now missing the very tools that got them to this place, their legs,  over 100 injured, and 3 lost their lives.

But I have a message for your bomber. You messed with the wrong crowd. Runners are tough. Runners are strong. Runners will push through.


Today my thoughts and prayers go out to every hard-working runner in Boston. May your strength that got you to the marathon motivate you to keep on running. It’s what got you to this place after all,  and what will help you prevail through all life’s challenges.



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2 responses to “Prayers for Boston

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Great post. This will not crush the Boston marathon spirit.

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