Running Swag

I’ve been on a buying spree with running swag lately. After running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, I consulted my running buddy VB for her counsel on a few items I had been eying. She really should work in product development.

Here’s what I’ve bought recently.

A J/Fit foam roller

I work in an orthopaedic and physical therapy practice and was exposed to these bad boys for the first time last year. When I’m actually training, my legs are in constant need of a good stretch. The foam roller really helps to relieve the pressure. I bought mine on Amazon for $26.01 (included shipping). Size: 36×6 inches.

Here are just some of the benefits (source):

  • Improved blood circulation throughout your skin, fascia, muscles, and even tendons and ligaments where you can access them with a foam roller.
  • Through improved blood circulation, more efficient exchange of nutrients and waste products at a cellular level, leading to better overall cellular function and inter-cellular communication.
  • Lengthening of short (tight) muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Some muscles (like hip flexors) and ligaments (iliotibial band) are prone to shortening, and are difficult to effectively stretch and apply therapeutic pressure to using standard massage and trigger point therapy techniques. But with a foam roller, you can apply deep pressure massage to such areas and lengthen shortened tissues, thereby preventing physical imbalances that can predispose you to injury.
  • Promotion of optimal spinal range of motion. You can accomplish this by slowly rolling your spine against a foam roller and pausing whenever you feel restrictions to allow your joints and surrounding tissues to stretch.

j fit foam roller

PRO Compression Socks

PRO Compression works against gravity by helping your vascular system increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery. I can attest these actually work. I wore them while running the monument 10 k and for the first time in a while my feet actually didn’t hurt at all.  My legs were a little sore the next day, but not nearly as bad as usual!

I used a coupon from GearBuzz and only paid $30 instead of the regular $50.


SPI Belt

Yep it’s a stylish fanny pack or as they call it “a small personal item belt”.  I realized I needed something like this when I was running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I wanted to bring my phone so it was easier to meet up with friends afterwards, but didn’t wanna carry it.  Again, bought mine on Amazon for $19.95 (included shipping).

spi belt

Hand Held Water Bottle

One last product I’ve been wanting is a new hand held water bottle. I bought one from Pacers a while back and it leaks every where.  Not so nice when you’re 3 miles into a run and all your water is already gone.

I haven’t bought the amphipod handheld water bottle yet , but plan to. I’m leaning towards the Hydrafoam Handheld ergo-lite.  I’ll let you know what I decide on!

amphipod hand held water bottle

What kind of running swag have you bought lately? Any recommendations?



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2 responses to “Running Swag

  1. grm059

    I LOVE a few of your recent purchases – the foam roller, SPI belt and PRO Compression socks – they are AWESOME! I use them all on almost every long run (and many short runs). Plus the marathon socks are just so darn cute for races.

    I also purchased some running swag including running sunglasses that actually pretty much look good (Ironman Sol from Sports Authority), some Clif shot bloks and a super cute outfit for running my first half marathon – got to love T.J. Maxx for active clothing!

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