Mixing Up Your Workouts

mixing up workoutI’m still having issues with the outside of my knees so I’ve been taking it easy on running.  Right now I’m only running 1-2 days a week max, so I’ve been trying out some other forms of exercise. It’s important to mix up your workouts anyways to keep from plateauing and to avoid boredom. My recent workout options have been anything but boring.

My mom recently starting taking Zumba and couldn’t stop raving about how fun it is. So when my friend Lauren mentioned taking black light Zumba, I couldn’t resist. Ignight Dance Studio seriously brings the heat and some serious dance moves that will have you burning hundreds of calories in no time. Seriously, you burn like 700-800 calories in one class. Don’t worry if you’re uncoordinated, the dark studio provides a safe haven to stumble away.  60 minutes of latin and hip hop songs pass quickly, and by the end, you’ll swear you’re as good a dancer as the instructors.  The best part, these classes are only $5! If you live or work close to Sterling, Virginia, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can try your first class for free.

Mixing up your workoutsSource: St. Luke’s Medical Center

I highly recommend checking out Groupon and Living Social for workout deals, which has helped me find several of my work out mix-ups while saving a few bucks.

My other recent work out obsession is yoga at Core Power Yoga. I never regret taking a yoga class. I always feel renewed after an hour long session of stretching and toning. Core Power Yoga provides heated yoga classes, but also has yoga classes with weights and fusion classes that mix in plymoteric moves with yoga. I’ve been going to these yoga classes for the past month,  they’ve really helped with my knees, and have helped to whip me back into shape.  I go to the one in Georgetown, but they also have a location in Glover Park and I believe they’re opening one in Falls Church very soon.  You can try your first week for free and I bought a Groupon to try a month for $67.

Next week I’m planning to start a boot camp at High Level Training. I bought a Living Social Deal to test out the boot camp classes for two month for $55 and with workout partner, VB, I know I’ll be in great shape in no time.

How do you mix up your workouts?


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