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It’s a mad map world

Brian and I are close to embarking on our next adventure to Roatan, Honduras so I thought I would post a DIY project we worked on a while ago. We love displaying travel momentos including photos, artisan crafts and figures, and thought a map would be a great addition to further display our adventures. After searching around and looking at some maps online, I of course decided we should make our own.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft your own:

  • Map-Bought mine at Barnes & Nobles
  • Canvas-You can use ones all the same size like here or mix and match like I did
  • Acrylic paint to cover the edges of the canvas
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush to paint on Mod Podge
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or we used a spare piece of wood from another project. Just need something so you can trace a straight line.
  • Razor blade to cut the map quickly
  • Pins to pin where you have been or maybe where you wanna go
  • Optional: Curtain hanger from Ikea to display your photos and post cards
  • Optional but highly recommended for any DIY project: Friend or Fiance’ to help you with the project

Total Cost: Estimated $60-$65 including the curtain hanger

We started by buying some different sized canvases from Michaels. I purchased ones that were on sale and used coupons as well. They sell them in packs like these, so it helps with the cost. We mostly had all the other materials for an assortment of art/diy projects.


Next I painted the canvases blue to match the deep blue ocean. Then Brian laid out the canvases, traced, and then cut the maps so it just covered the tops of the canvas. He used the piece of wood to line up with the traced marks and then quickly cut with a razor blade. You can also do this with scissors though.  We did slightly cut off parts of countries (Sorry Greenland and tiny islands in the Pacific), but for the most part were able to capture most of the world.


Next we covered the canvases with Mod Podge and  laid the map pieces on top. We waited for the maps to dry over night and then placed a top coat  to further seal the map and give it a glossy sheen.

map-project3 map-project4

Lastly we hung the map on the wall and enjoyed pinning all the places we’ve been! We also bought this curtain wire from Ikea to hang all of post cards we’ve collected.

map-project6I often find myself staring up at our creation thinking of the many wonderful places we’ve traveled together and the many places we have yet to see.


Check out some of our other DIY creations here!


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Stirring up some art

Vote for this project on Creating with the Stars. Just click here and then click on the thumbnail for project #132, “Stirring up some art”. The more you click, the more votes I get!

Here’s another simple DIY project to add some texture and style to your space. I especially enjoyed this project because it was fun taking objects that are usually used for one purpose and turning it into art. I felt like I was on the show HGTV star. Luckily I didn’t have to use coffee stirrers to decorate a whole room. These lucky coffee stirrers will forever avoid mixing up my coffee.

coffee stirrer supplies

What’s you’ll need for this project:

  • One wooden frame. I bought mine at Michaels.
  • An array of acrylic paint. I chose 5 colors. I would definitely buy white to mix with the other colors so you can make variations of the paint colors
  • Wooden coffee stirrers
  • Paint brushes
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors

Cost: Around $25 (but I bought enough supplies to make 3 excluding the frames)


  • Paint the coffee stirrers. Then let them dry a couple of hours.
  • After, I started assembling the coffee stirrers into the frame. I just held up the first stirrer to the frame and cut it shorter than the frame space. Then I cut the second stirrer to file the extra space.
  • Last,  I glued the stirrers all in, one by one. It took about 2 hours to glue all of them coffee stirrer artTwo hours later, here’s the final result! I just love how it turned out, and I’m even thinking about making another one! I love how it incorporates all the colors in our living room.

diy coffee stirrer art

diy coffee stirrer art

coffee stirrer art

diy coffee stirrer art

Good luck stirring up your own art!


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Put a cork (board) in it

I’ve finally decided to come out of hiding from the blog world. Summer is always a fun and busy time. It’s also usually when I lose motivation to work on my computer outside of my normal work day. So scold away I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

I’ll do my best to make it up to you with an easy DIY project to jazz up yo’ fridge.

Our fridge was looking real messy. Every time I passed by it, I noticed all the clutter mainly from all our save the dates and wedding invites (we’re so popular). Finally when I just couldn’t take it any more, I decided to craft up a bulletin board.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 cork board squares from Michaels
  • cork board Silver tacks

silver tacks

  • Magnets
  • Crazy glue
  • Fabric of your choosing

Total cost around $20

diy bulletin boardSteps:

  • Cut the fabric into 4 squares. I just traced the bulletin board and then added about an inch to each side.
  • Pin the fabric on the back using tacks.
  • Then glue the magnets onto the back of the cork board.
  • Lastly, pin the fabric on the front using the tacks.

diy bulletin board

Put a cork board in it, this fridge is organized!!!

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Shake it like a Polaroid Coaster

DIY Polaroid Coasters!

My DIY projects have been slacking lately, so I thought I would share one I made a while ago.

For Brian’s 30th birthday this year, I decided to give him 30 presents to celebrate every year of his wonderful life. I figured I needed to take the edge off of him turning into an old geezer 🙂

It was really fun picking out things I knew he loved. I chose some small items like pez dispensers,  running socks, rollos, and even these apple pie pastries that I loathe but he loves. I added in a few coupons like not washing the dishes for a week (yes, Brian does the dishes and that’s just one of the 23472340 reasons I luuuuuv him), and then one big ticket item like scuba lessons!

30 birthday gifts

I wanted to make at least one of the 30 presents, so I decided to make photo coasters.   Here is where i got this great idea:


This project looked simple enough,  and I thought it would be a great way to display some more of our travel photos. You know we love to travel and when we’re not traveling we’re thinking about traveling.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 white tiles from Home Depot. The ones used for bathroom tiling.
  • 2 sheets of foam from Michaels
  • Mod Podge from Michaels
  • Sponge brush from Michaels to apply the mod podge glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Step 1 for diy polaroid coasters:

Cut the photo to fit onto the tile. You will want to cut so there is a .25 inch border on three sides of the picture and about 1 inch on the bottom.

polaroid coaster

Step 2 for diy polaroid coasters:

Cut the foam the same size as the tile and then glue on using a hot glue gun. polaroid coaster diy polaroid coaster

Step 3 for diy polaroid coasters:

Once the hot glue has dried on the bottom, glue the photo onto the tile using mod podge. Once the photo is in place, cover the whole front of the tile with mod podge. This will create a seal to protect your photo.

polaroid coaster diy polaroid coaster

That’s all! I made two to start and still need to pick two more photos to make the other two coasters.  Now every time we have a drink, we’re reminded of two of our awesome trips. The picture to the left is from our trip to Maui and the one on the right is from our trip to Peru.

diy polaroid coaster

Also I’ve seen a few people make these into magnets.  You would need to buy smaller tiles for that project.

Here are all the birthday presents for Brian! Good thing 40 is 10 years away 🙂

30 birthday gifts

What cool presents have you given your beau? Did you DIY anything?

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Revamping your lampy

revamping your lampy


So, if you’ve ever worked on a DIY project then you know sometimes projects go your way and other times things go astray. On this DIY project, a few things went astray but the good news is, I’ve learned a few tips I plan to share with you!

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to revamp some lamps in my bedroom at home. My mom had mentioned buying new lamps, but I wanted to give a crack at giving these old lamps a new look.

The colors of my bedroom are yellows and greens, so I wanted the lamps to coordinate accordingly. I bought this primer, along with this yellow spray paint and this green spray paint from home depot.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Spray Paint
  • Spray Paint Primer
  • Paint Tarp

Now, I made my first spray paint oppsie and I wanted to pass it along to you. Since I was only home for a few days, I was under a tight deadline to complete this project. Unfortunately, the two days I had time to work on the lamps it was rainy and because of this the air was super damp outside.  This caused the spray paint to take extra time to dry. The tall lamp I spray painted yellow even bubbled from the moisture when I sprayed the second coat on. So lesson of this story, don’t spray paint outside when the air is super damp.

spray paint lamp

So back to spray painting. I laid down a tarp and spray painted a layer of primer. I let the primer dry for about 6 hours (considering it was really damp), then spray painted the first layer of spray paint. I then let the first layer dry over night. The next morning I spray painted the second layer (this is when things when awry). I’ve spray painted things before and based on that experience, I definitely gave these lamps enough time to dry.  Darn you moist air!  How dare you throw off my DIY timelines!


While I was waiting for the paint to dry,  I started working on the lamp shades. Another recommendation for you. The first time you try this project, start with a drum shaped lamp shade (pictured above). It is much easier to recover than recovering one of these. I did cover two others, one bell shaped  and another empire shaped but it was pretty difficult and although the shades turned out pretty good, I was much happier with the drum shade.

Second tip: pick a light fabric, like a cotton fabric, to cover your lamp shades. With a lighter fabric light can still shine through.

I’ll share my steps for the drum shade, as I kind of just winged it with the other two.

Supply List:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Clothes Pins

Steps (sorry I don’t have more photos, like I said I was under a tight deadline):

  • First I measured the height of the lamp shade. I added 2 inches to the measurement. One inch for the top and one for the bottom.
  • I then measured the circumference of the lamp and added 2 inches.
  • Then I cut the fabric.
  • I first used a couple clothes pin to hold the fabric in place.  This helped to pull the fabric tightly. Make sure to align the seam of your fabric with the seam of the shade.
  • I then glued the fabric, using a hot glue gun, to the seam of the drum. Next I glued the fabric to the top and the bottom of the shade about 3 inches at a time, making sure to pull the fabric tight. Looking back it would have been helpful to have another set of hands to help with the pulling.
  • After gluing all the fabric onto the shade, I then went back and trimmed the excess fabric from inside the shade.
  • After I was finished with all of the shades, I ironed them to smooth out the fabric even more.

diy lampshade

Here are the finished lamps! I still have some touching up I plan to do, like sanding the areas that bubbled and re-spraying them.  I plan to also glue some ribbon inside of the shade to cover up the fabric edge and to add a pop of fun.
spray paint lamp

diy lamp

spray paint lamp

Here are my tips:

  • Don’t spray paint outside when it’s damp and rainy
  • For your first lamp shade project, start with a drum shaped shade
  • Buy light fabric to cover your shade
  • Recruit a second set of hands to help pull the fabric tight as you’re gluing it around the lamp shade
  • Buy ribbon to cover up the fabric edge

I know my blog post was lacking in picture steps so here are a couple posts that will help you on your revamping journey!

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