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DC Yoga Week 2012

DC Yoga Week DC This week is DC Yoga Week. I just happened to stumble upon this while searching for upcoming events in DC for my work newsletter, so I thought I would share. Yoga studios all over DC (and a few outside of DC) are offering free and $5 classes. Awesome right? Yoga is one of my favorite work out routines, but it ain’t cheap.

I’m horrible about stretching so needless to say I won’t stretch for an hour unless someone is making me. Along with becoming a bendy pretzel, it also helps me to let the stress of the day go, centering myself on the positive. Here are more benefits of yoga if you’re interested. It’s from the Mayo Clinic, so it’s legit.

Gold’s gym (the gym I’m a member of) offers a few classes, but I guess I’m a bit of a yoga snob and just prefer the studio. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t hear Zumba instructor screaming in the next room. Whenever I see a good deal on Living Social or Groupon, I try to snag it and the deals just don’t get better than this (free!).

This morning, I went and checked out Bikram Yoga Dupont. It felt so great to stretch for 90 minutes and sweat out all the toxins from the weekend. I swear it felt better cause it was free.

So if you’re a yoga snob like me, hope you can save a few bucks and check out DC Yoga Week. It lasts until this Sunday, May 20th.

Here’s the link to the website with all the studios that are participating, along with the schedule. They’re even holding yoga classes on the National Mall.


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