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Ready for Adventure? Peruuuuuuv it.

I’m leaving for Peru today!!! I can’t fall asleep because I’m too excited about my trip, so I figured I would blog about it.  Brian and I booked the trip so long ago, last week was the first time it actually sunk in that yes indeedy, I’m heading down to South America for the first time and exploring Peru.

I finally finished packing at around 12 a.m. I really hate packing, so I always procrastinate. I guess I’m hoping some elf will do it for me. The only thing I like about it is, I know I’m going on an exciting trip.

Anywho, I thought I’d share some info with you on our preparation for this trip.

We bought a trip voucher through Groupon for this travel company called Intrepid Travel. We spent $400 for $1000 towards a Central or South American trip. Since I’ve pretty much conquered Central America ( I’ve been to Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and Belize) Brian and I focused our trip on South America.  After visiting Belize and exploring Caracol and Actun Tunich Muknal, Peru won us both over mainly because we wanted to visit Machu Piccu. I mean look at this place.

machu Picchu

Haha found this pic while searching for photos of Machu Picchu. Just a guess, but I don’t think they’ll be at Machu Picchu next week. And good thing cause I was gonna wear that exact outfit.

Machu Picchu

But really, really look at this place.

Intrepid had a few Peru trip options. We picked an option that allowed us some down time in Cusco while still allowing time to visit Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. I haven’t traveled with a travel company since my high school trip to France. It was nice to take some of the individual planning out of the equation. Intrepid booked our hotel for us, some of  our excursions, and will even provide some meals too. We are staying a little longer so we booked a couple other hotels for the rest of our stay.

Whenever I’m planning a big trip I purchase a Moon travel book. This time Brian surprised me with one on Peru and he bought one on Cusco for himself. These books are full of little nuggets of helpful info, from where to stay, where to eat, what activities to book, what to pack, and history about the country. And it’s honest too. The writers have no problem sharing which places to avoid and which places you should be a weary of.

Some of our side trips we have planned with the help of our moon book are:

  • White water rafting at Urabamba River. Brian’s never rafted before so this well be his first time.
  • Using our “boleto turistico” – a tourist ticket that gets us into 16 sights in and around Cusco and the Sacred Valley to further explore the museums in Cusco.
  • Exploring some Incan sites close to Cusco, including Sacsahuaman.

Other things I’ve been doing to prepare:

  • Avoiding all cute photos of guinea pig and trying not to think about my two pet guinea pigs I had growing up, Bert and Ernie. I will eat guinea pig. I will eat guinea pig

guinea pig

  • Buying adventure clothes, like my sweet new straw fedora hat.
  • Scouting out oxygen bars in Cusco. I really don’t want to get altitude sickness.
  • Playing emini meeny miney mo with which cameras to bring. I want to bring them all…but I know its excessive and the less I have to keep track of, the better.
  • And lastly daydreaming about all the fun I’ll have with Brian. He’s an awesome travel partner and I’m glad we’ll have many more stories to cherish and share when we get back.

Okay I’m gonna try to get some sleep and hopefully dream of my fun trip ahead.


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