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Adouring Washington D.C.’s Restaraunt Week 2011

Brian and I always visit at least one restaurant during D.C. Restaurant Week, which occurs twice a year sometime around January and August.

It’s the perfect excuse to get all snazzed up for an oh-so-romantic-date-night.

There are over 200 restaurants that participate in this week, so it can be a overwhelming picking just one or two places to dine. Brian and I usually consult Washingtonian’s Top Restaurant list to help narrow down our selection.

This year the second restaurant week took place August 15th-21st, but some of the more popular restaurants extend their deals until the following week.

Ranking number 5 on the Washingtonian list, Brian and I chose the upscale Adour Restaurant located in the pristine St. Regis Hotel.

Here are a few photos, I found online of the restaruant so you can visualize just how beautifully designed this place truly is:

adour dc main entrance

Main entrance into the restaurant.

adour dc

The main dining area.

adour dc main dining ara

Another beautiful shot of the dining area.

Just a short walk from Brian’s house, we arrived 30 minutes early to enjoy a dirty ‘tini, with blue cheese stuffed olives at the tres chic bar.

When we sat down to dinner about 15 minutes later, looking around, slowly sipping on my martini, I felt so posh in this modern, Parisian D.C.  restaurant. Even with the restaurant week extension, the earliest time opening was 9 p.m. I tried my best all day to eat lightly so I could enjoy the meal. Needless to say, I was starrrving!  With an empty tummy (now full of a dirty martini)  I sure was thankful when complimentary gougères (a warm cheesy, flaky,  pastry) were promptly delivered by our server.

It’s always nice to be wined and dined and here at Adour, wined and dined we were. From the seamless service, to the mouth watering food which featured wild salmon, a delicious paired wine picked by the sommelier (la de da), to the perfectly selected sweet financiers which peeked my taste buds for the finale,  a coffee dessert (always a 10 for this gal with a huge sweet tooth and an addiction to java).

My favorite part of the three course meal was… the company 🙂

Walking home in the evening air with Brian was a lovely end to our upscale date night.

adour dc

In the St. Regis lobby.

I hope you can have a taste of each and every restaurant week D.C. offers!


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Screen on the Green

Thankful Tuesdays

Today I’m thankful for warm, Hurricane/Tropical-Storm-Irene free summer nights.  As much as I hate to admit it,  summer is quickly dwindling away, so I plan to spend as much of my time outside as I can. When I arrive home after work, I love relaxing outside on my balcony, walking wherever I can, and going on long evening runs.

A few Mondays ago some friends and I enjoyed a cherished D.C. summertime event, Screen on the Green.  This month long movie festival starts in July and shows classic movies (I’ve seen Bonnie & Clyde and Cool Hand Luke) on Mondays nights on the National Mall.

screen on the green

Screen on the Green

We arrived about 45 minutes before the movie and enjoyed lounging on our blanket, snacking on crackers, and sipping on wine.  As the surrounding lights dimmed down, the screen illuminated with the featured movie, and the Washington monuments shined brightly in the background, I knew this was one of those unique moments only Washingtonians are lucky enough to experience. My favorite part of this summer time tradition is the movie warm up. Everyone stands up and jumps around like they’re at a rock concert (hey, we’ve already been sitting for close to an hour). It’s the perfect way to get your blood flowing and everyone excited for the movie to follow.

Screen on the Green DC

Enjoying the warm summer night.

I hope you enjoy your last summer nights of the season. 

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Here comes the bride.

Through the Lens Thursdays

Last weekend in a small church in Mechanicsville, Virginia my friend Brittany became Mrs. Abell. Every aspect of her wedding was truly lovely from the contemporary ceremony to her gorgeous wedding dress to the shabby chic reception decorations.

This was actually my first time seeing Brittany and David together, and there was no question they were deeply happy and in love.

Brittany’s mom, Judy, is an absolutely amazing interior decorator, so I had a tough task choosing my favorite photos to share.

Here are a few of my snap-shots from their special day.

Church wedding flowers

Flowers at the church.

entrance into the reception

Entrance into the reception.

guest wedding gift

Jelly bean and M & M guest gift.

wedding table flowers

Table wild flowers.

mom and judy

Mom & Judy.

Bridal party flowers

Bridal party table.

back of brittanys dress

Back of Brittany's gorgeous wedding dress.

Catching the bouquet

Catching the bouquet...who's next?

bridal garter

Ooo lala! Taking off the bridal garter!

catching the garter

Catching the garter. Boy has ups!

wedding cake

Wedding cake.

cutting the cake

Cutting the cake.

brittanys wedding

With the beautiful bride!

me and brian

Me & Brian.

bird seed tree

Adorable bird seed tree.

bird seed

Our bird seed send off.

signing the picture board

Signing the picture board.

engagement phtoos

Engagement photos.

claire's family

My friend Claire's family! So happy we were at the same table 🙂

wedding photo

Me, Brian, Mom, & Lynn.

Congratulations Brittany and David! So glad I could be a part of this day. xoxo.


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DC Earthquake: All Shook Up

Thankful Tuesdays

Today I experienced my second earthquake while living in D.C. (also my second earthquake ever).  My first quake encounter happened last June during the wee hours of the morning and awoke me from a deep slumber. I’m known to have pretty vivid dreams so the next day I actually googled it to confirm the quake was a reality.

Today those same thoughts ran through my mind, “Is this real?”

As I diligently worked away at my desk (as any good employee would) I suddenly felt a little rumble and thought I was imagining my whole office shaking.  Immediately though, my survival instincts kicked in and I jumped underneath the nearest door frame…that’s what you’re supposed to do right? Give me a break, I’m from the east coast.

After the 45 second shake, I walked into our office lobby and everyone seemed to be in a daze. They too were seeking confirmation that yes that was an earthquake, and looking for answers on what to do next. As an east coast native I haven’t had an earthquake drill since high school, so I just followed the crowd and walked outside.

Later on, winding back down at my desk while refreshing the Washington Post’s webpage, I was thankful for all the texts and phone calls from my family and friends making sure I was okay. Most importantly though, I was thankful they were also just fine.

Driving home I enjoyed listening to all the earthquake themed country songs the witty radio station played like, Luke Bryan’s “Shake it for me, girl” and Neal McCoy’s “The Shake”.

The only tragedy of the day….

“Bertrum the Bear” tragically fell off my bed. I know, I know, it’s almost unbearable to look at the photo.

Bertrum the Bear after DC earthquake

Aftermath of D.C. Earthquake!

Don’t worry, with a few hugs he was as good as new.

To end on a safety note here is a link for what to do before, during, and after an earthquake just in case another ever hits D.C.

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Ashland, Virginia –The Center of the Universe.

Through the Lens Thursday

Home, sweet home.

This weekend I’m heading home to Ashland, Virginia to attend one of my oldest and dearest friend’s wedding. Even though my hometown is only 1.5 hours away from D.C., I know I don’t make it home quite enough!

There are many things I miss every day about this small, sleepy train town like my Sunday dinners with my mom, afternoon ‘tinis with my favorite Aunts (and pups),  waving at every passerby as I rock on my front porch, hearing the train roll by as I fall asleep, snuggling up with my household pets, and visiting with high school friends….just to name a few :).

I still find it quite humorous Ashland’s tagline is “The Center of the Universe”, and I can’t help but crack a smile every time I drive by our town welcome sign. As I’ve grown older though, I’ve realized when I come home I do feel just that way, in the center of my universe.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to see my family, friends, and somehow squeeze in an amusement park visit to Kings Dominion on Sunday.

Here are a few night photos of my home town:

Iron Horse Restaurant Ashland Virginia

Iron Horse Restaurant

Night Train in Ashland Virginia

Night Train

Cross Brothers Grocery

Cross Brothers Grocery

Ashland Library

Library Statue

cowboy ashland

Resting Cowboy

railroad tracks ashland va

Railroad Tracks

ashland train station

Ashland Train Station

Ashland Virginia Train Station

Waiting for the midnight train


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