Stand Strong Washington Monument

Through the Lens Thursdays

My pep talk to the Washington Monument.

I know you’ve had a rough week, but stay strong Washington Monument. We all have a few cracks we’re trying to cover up. With a little mortar and a few days rest you’ll be that young monument of 1884 in no time.

You represent a great president; a symbol of D.C. and America. Towering over our capitol city, you’re the world’s tallest stone structure and obelisk. You are made of mighty marble and granite.  Need I say more?

I can still remember my first visit to D.C. when I charmingly nick-named you ‘The Big Pencil’. Only a wee little thing, I was amazed at this robust fortress standing before me, so high it seemed to touch the sky (I’m talking about you, Washington Monument).   I’ve admired you since.

Stand proudly “Big Pencil”.  D.C. residents and visiting tourists (on Segways) need you.

washington monument at sunset

Stand Strong

Tourists on Segways, Washington Monument


Click here to read the latest update on the cracks found on the Washington Monument.


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